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But the assent of the other shone in his eyes. "The lady hass right," he said. "What she said iss wise, if it can be done." "But, Madam, what will become of you?" said Carlisle at last. Her answer was instant. She turned back to the door. "Judge Clayton!" she called out, loud and clear. "Mr. Yates! All of you, come here!" The inner doors opened, and they ran out at her call.

'Sieur Frowenfel'? Dat de way de publique halways talk about a hartis's firs' pigshoe. But, I hass you to pardon me, Monsieur Frowenfel', if I 'ave speak a lill too warm." "Then you must forgive me if, in my desire to set you right, I have spoken with too much liberty. I probably should have said only what I first intended to say, that unless you are a person of independent means "

Why, that cock and bull yarn was exploded years ago, and I didn't think there was a sailor afloat in the present day ass enough to believe in this story!" "I may be a hass, sir; I know I am sometimes," retorted old Masters, evidently aggrieved by the skipper speaking to him like this before the men.

"That is," he said with some little expression of annoyance, "I wass saying Sheila could do that if it wass any use; but she will not do such things, like a fisherman's lass that hass to keep in the work." "Oh, of course not," said Lavender hastily. "But still, you know, it is pleasant to know she is so strong and well."

It was but a few minutes after Edwin had taken his seat until the meeting was dismissed, and the people scattered out over the grounds, a few to the pump, some to the boarding-house entrance, and others to their private tents. Edwin followed the largest crowd, for Mr. Hass had left him as soon as the meeting was dismissed, and he went to the boarding-house for his supper.

"Would to God that she wass lying in the kirkyard; but I will not speak of her. She iss not anything to me this day. See, I will show you what I hef done, for she hass been a black shame to her name." He opened the Bible, and there was Flora's name scored with wavering strokes, but the ink had run as if it had been mingled with tears.

It iss twenty-four years since first you lay there, lad, and though grief hass come to me many's the day, yet never through you, never once through you, and you will be remembering that, lad. It will comfort you after after after I'm gone." "Gone, mother!" cried Shock in surprise. "Yess, for this iss the word given to me this night, that you will see my face no more."

But He hass had mercy upon Simon the Pharisee, and you hef all been been very good to me and Flora.... The Scripture hass been fulfilled, 'So the last shall be first, and the first last."

"Nein, nein," grunted Rahl, tipsily, "I mineself has vort dat Vashington's mens hass neider shoes nor blankets, und die mit cold und hunger. Dey vill not cross to dis side, mooch ice or no ice, but if dey do, ye prisoners of dem make." And once more the toasting and merry-making was resumed.

And every one wass thinking you will be coming to the Lewis this year, and it is ferry glad they will be to see you; and if the house at Borvabost hass not enough amusement for you after you hef been in a big town like this, you will live in Stornoway with some of our friends there, and you will come over to Borva when you please."