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He run me off my saloon in ol' Carey Crossin'; my prewery goin' smash mit der damned prohibittery law; he growin' rich in Careyville, an' me!" His voice rose to a shriek and he stamped his foot in rage. "Hold your noise, Wyker!" Champers growled. "Don't you know who's on the other side of that partition?" "I built that partition mineself. It's von dead noise-breaker," Wyker began.

I had noticed that at no tomb front were these tokens piled more abundantly, or more beautifully or fragrantly, than at those of Flora and the entomologist; it was always so. I had remarked this on the spot, and Senda, with her rearranging touch still caressing their splendid masses, replied, "So? vell I hope siss shall mine vork and mine pleassure be until mineself I shall fade like se floweh."

Then I'll show 'em what speed is!" He was soon at the physician's house, and found him in. "Won't you ride back with me in the monoplane?" asked Tom. "I'm anxious to have you see dad as soon as you can. "Vot! Me drust mineself in one ob dem airships? I dinks not!" exclaimed Dr. Kurtz ponderously.

We could hear the great beast quaking in his cage. 'But why in the world didn't you help Bertran instead of letting him be killed? I asked. 'My friend, said Hans, composedly stretching himself to slumber, 'it was not nice even to mineself dot I should live after I haf seen dot room mit der hole in der thatch. Und Bertran, he was her husband. Goot- night, und sleep well.

"Now," said he, as he lay resting on his elbows with the rifle laid ready to hand and the revolver beside it; "now, I know not vezer you can smell or not, but I have buried mineself in eart', vich is a non-conductor of smell. Ve shall see!" It soon became very dark, for there was no moon, yet not so dark but that the form of the goat could be seen distinctly reflected in the pond.

By Dan'l's direction they turned to the left and followed the wind of the river for a mile or so until suddenly out of the darkness loomed a quaint little bungalow which the old German claimed to be his home. "I haf architectured it mineself, unt make it built as I like it. You vill come in unt shtop der night mit me," he said, as Wampus halted the machine before the door.

I gif you all yoost tree minutes ter get started. Den if any man he ain't aboard dat sleigh I yoost vipes up de ground vit him a bit. If you knows vhat is good for ye, den make tracks, qvick. I ban gettin' hurry mineself, eh!" "But what right have you to be ordering us about?" shouted Aleck Mclntosh, imprudently. "My frient, you's knowed as de laziest man in Carcajou and some say in Ontario.

"Nein, nein," grunted Rahl, tipsily, "I mineself has vort dat Vashington's mens hass neider shoes nor blankets, und die mit cold und hunger. Dey vill not cross to dis side, mooch ice or no ice, but if dey do, ye prisoners of dem make." And once more the toasting and merry-making was resumed.

"If I wasn't with you, you'd be a coward, too. You know you would." She stopped, for Joan had swept her lap free of debris and was rising to her feet. Joan, for all her plumpness and infantile softness, had a certain deliberate dignity when she was put upon her mettle. She eyed her sister with a calm and very galling superiority. "I'm going there now," she answered; "all by mineself."

"Well, then, why did you promise?" "'Cause I couldn't to hit her mineself," said the doughty Sadie. She was inches taller than her victim, and stout withal. "I couldn't, 'cause I ain't so healthy; I'm a nervous child, Teacher, und I was day-before-yesterday sick on the bed."