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Allan and I can shift for ourselves, this evening; can't we, Allan? You needn't come back till tomorrow morning." "Ach, t'ank you! T'ank you so mooch, Mr. Hartley." At dinner, Allan got out from under the burden of conversation by questioning his father about the War and luring him into a lengthy dissertation on the difficulties of the forthcoming invasion of Japan.

When you gave ze histoire of ze earrings to your Madame Long on ze steamer, 'Clément' ha! ha! heard it all. Clément whose name is Jules live very mooch by his wits; and he saw that these diamonds must be his that you were two dear leetle geese pardon! ready to have ze feathers plucked. How to get at you he did not know: you were always with that chaperone with sharp eyes.

And what beautiful work you do! Doesn't it tire you while in that reclining position? You look so delicate." "But I am so mooch bettare quite near to well once more. I do this, while my sister, she work in the glass-house. She is all well and strong my sister." "That is good! And you live here alone together?" "Yes, we do.

"My mates at whoam, though, names me, and the folk in Lancacheer tew, `Joey the moucher." "Oh, then, Master Joey, you'll find you can't mooch here, my lad," retorted Old Jock, glad of the opportunity of having one of his personal jokes, and sniggering and snorting over it in fine glee.

Kindness is not a rare quality with the Jews: of all the virtues it is the most readily admitted among them, even when they do not practise it. Indeed, in most of them it remains negative or neutral: indulgence, indifference, dislike for hurting anybody, ironic tolerance. With Mooch it was an active passion.

All-vays, I want sumpin bad mooch. I prays de good Lord and all-vays, all-vays, two times now, He it send by next boat. Ach, how I am spoil," and the good Dutchman's eyes filled with tears of thankfulness. Quonab knelt by the sufferer. He felt her hot, dry hand; he noticed her short, quick breathing, her bright eyes, and the untouched bowl of mush by her bed. "Swamp fever," he said.

There ees a proverb of my father's which say that 'it shall take a gold mine to work a silver mine, so mooch more he cost. You work him, you are lost! Naturalmente, if you turn him round, if it take you only a silver mine to work a gold mine, you are gain. Thees ees logic!" The intense gravity of his face at this extraordinary deduction upset my own.

I have prepared a speech on the root of all evil that will not dake so mooch dime as the friends who have speak!" The devil, that means calumniator, by whom this reporter was so possessed, that he knew neither orthography nor grammar, was not so bad as the devil, by whom the evening 'Telegraph' was possessed.

"Ah, yes, I remember it but it was long ago and I was very leetle you comprehend, and I have not arrive mooch when the old Don was alone. It was too too what you call melank-oaly. And the old man have not make mooch to himself of company." "Then there were no young people in the house, I suppose?" said Cecily, smiling. "No not since the old man's father lif.

"That's a mere detail," remarked Drillford impatiently. "These chaps that mooch about, as Hyde was doing, pick up all sorts of odds and ends. He may have pinched them from a chemist's shop. Anyway, there's the fact and we'll hang him on it! You'll see!" "We shall never see anything of the sort!" said Viner. "You're on the wrong tack, Inspector. Let me put two or three things to your intelligence.