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Louis XVI., king of France and of Navarre, was more dull than stupid, and weaker in will than in intellect. Bertrand de Moleville, Histoire, i. He was, moreover, thoroughly conscientious, and had a high sense of the responsibility of his great calling. He was not indolent, although heavy, and his courage, which was sorely tested, was never broken.

In another chapter of the Histoire des Croisades, this Guinemer besieged Lalische, which "is a most noble and ancient city situated on the border of the sea; it was the only city in Syria over which the Emperor of Constantinople was ruler."

It is allied to the species of the second section of the genus Porcellana, as detailed by Professor Milne Edwards in the second volume of the Histoire Naturelle des Crustaces, but has characters sufficient to constitute a new subgenus, to which may be applied the name Porcellanella. The figure represents it of twice its natural size.

Histoire de Guillaume le Maréchal, published by P. Meyer for the Soc. de l'histoire de France. Petit-Dutaillis, Étude sur Louis VIII. , and G.J. Turner, Minority of Henry III., part i, in Transactions of the Royal Hist. Soc., new ser., viii. , 245-95, are the best modern commentaries on the history of the marshal's regency. William Marshal had recognized that the regency must end with him.

I have two or three others that have been loaned to me for a long time; I shall send them off, and I shall read yours at the end of the week, during a little two-days' trip that I am forced to take to Pont-l'Eveque and to Honfleur for my Histoire d'un coeur simple, a trifle now "on the stocks," as M. Prudhomme would say. I am very glad that Jack has pleased you. It is a charming book, isn't it?

He was the painter of the Parisian bourgeois, and the voice of the bourgeois was in the air. M. Champfleury has given a summary of Daumier's career in his smart little Histoire e la Caricature Moderne, a record not at all abundant in personal detail.

Of far deeper significance is the Histoire Socialiste of Jean Jaurès, of which the title is too narrow; Histoire du peuple, or Histoire des classes ouvrières, would have more closely defined the scope of this remarkable work. Here we have a new phenomenon, history written for the labouring class and from the point of view of the labouring class.

Yet Albert Soubies, in his Histoire de la Musique, says, in the volume devoted to Spain: "Spain is the country where, in modern times, musical art has been cultivated with the greatest distinction and originality.

In Lalande's Histoire Céleste, published in 1801, the places of no less than 47,390 stars were given, but in the rough, as it were, and consequently needing laborious processes of calculation to render them available for exact purposes.

His proclamation of the 19th. did not remain quite unheeded even among the disbanded, but, on the march again, the nearer they came to the Beresina the more pronounced became the lack of discipline. In the following description I avail myself of the classical work of Thiers' "Histoire du Consulat et de I'Empire." The only bridge over the Beresina, at Borisow, had been burned by the Russians.

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