And she never hinted it to me, although we talked over marriage only yesterday, when I gave her Bourget's views on it as expressed in his 'Physiologie de l'amour moderne. She never said one word. She never " But at this point Braybrooke felt that an interruption, however rude, was obligatory.

But to be assured their words are without any thing correspondent to them in the mind, there would need some Examples; which if any man require, let him take a Schoole-man into his hands, and see if he can translate any one chapter concerning any difficult point; as the Trinity; the Deity; the nature of Christ; Transubstantiation; Free-will. &c. into any of the moderne tongues, so as to make the same intelligible; or into any tolerable Latine, such as they were acquainted withall, that lived when the Latine tongue was Vulgar.

Cette fierte neanmoins n'excluait pas en lui une rare modestie; partout il se soustrait a l'eloge; se derobe au panegyrique; jamais il ne parle de ses exploits, et jamais il ne souffre qu'un autre lui en parle en sa presence. Son caractere egale en grandeur et surpasse en verite celui de tout autre heros ancien ou moderne.

"Mon ami, veux-tu que je te dis ce que tu a fait; tu a fait encore une vulgarization, une jolie vulgarization, je veux bien, de la note inventée par Millet; tu a ajouté la note claire inventée par Manet, enfin tu suis avec talent le mouvement moderne, voil

He was the painter of the Parisian bourgeois, and the voice of the bourgeois was in the air. M. Champfleury has given a summary of Daumier's career in his smart little Histoire e la Caricature Moderne, a record not at all abundant in personal detail.

Certainly Matthew Arnold could say of it, as he once said of Paris, that the great goddess Lubricity reigned in state. In the Moderne Galerie I am still in Munich I was reassured; I saw Israels, Gauguin, Van Gogh what masters! Trübner, Hodler, Zügel, Von Uhde, Max Slevogt a fine view of Frankfort and some children at the seashore by my favourite, Max Liebermann.

I count it as one of the most spontaneous gavottes of modern times, one that is buoyant with the afflation of the olden days. It carries a musette of which old Father Bach need not have felt ashamed, one of the most ingenious examples of a drone-bass ever written. The "Menuet Moderne" is musical champagne. A very neat series of little variations is sheafed together, and called "Mosaics." Mr.

This system is soon to be tried practically at Antwerp in Belgium, and then it will be possible to arrive at the actual cost of traction. Industrie Moderne, Brussels. The interesting piece of railroad location illustrated in this issue is on the mountain section of the Western North Carolina Railroad.

When I gaue my selfe to the studie of Geographie, after I had perused and diligently scanned the descriptions of Europe, Asia, and Afrike, and conferred them with the Mappes and Globes both Antique and Moderne: I came in fine to the fourth part of the world, commonly called America, which by all descriptions I found to bee an Iland enuironed round about with Sea, hauing on the Southside of it the frete or straight of Magellan, on the West side Mar del Sur, which Sea runneth towards the North, separating it from the East parts of Asia, where the Dominions of the Cathaians are: On the East part our West Ocean, and on the North side the sea that seuereth it from Groneland, thorow which Northern Seas the Passage lyeth, which I take now in hand to discouer.

We are not in this respect "un vrai peuple moderne," like the Americans. The Americans conceive of the executive as one of their appointed agents; when it intervenes in common life, it does so, they consider, in virtue of the mandate of the sovereign people, and there is no invasion or dereliction of freedom in that people interfering with itself.