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"I canna just say, distinctly, that I have what ye wad ca' preceesely a trade." "But," repeated the magistrate, "what are your means of living your occupation?" "Hout tout your honour, wi' your leave, kens that as weel as I do," replied the examined. "No matter, I want to hear you describe it," said the examinant.

"Du tout; when I hear cries, and people marching, I think tout bonnement it was an emeute, and I turn round to finish my sleep; I think myself happy not to belong to the Garde Nationale of New York, and not be afraid of the rappel." "What did you think it was?" "An emeute, sans doute, say I to myself. It was un tintamarre epouvantable." "Emeute; pray, what is that?" "Emeute?

One cannot say "God" but some tout is instantly seeking to pluck one into his particular cave of flummery and orthodoxy. What a rational man means by God is just God. The more you define and argue about God the more he remains the same simple thing.

Of course, artistically it makes little difference to me which; but it is much more satisfactory to the immediate friends to have an item correct, just as the friends of a person who sits for a portrait prefer to have the likeness speaking, whereas to the painter it is much more important whether the tout ensemble is a work of art.

'Ah! pas de tout, Monseigneur, replied Mons. le Comte de Beaujeu, his head bending down to the neck of his little prancing highly-managed charger. Accordingly he PIAFFED away, in high spirits and confidence, to the head of Fergus's regiment, although understanding not a word of Gaelic, and very little English.

His enthusiasm glowed in his face: one sees it in his portraits and on the medals struck to commemorate his victory. "Beau comme un Apollon, il avait tout le prestige d'un archange envoyé par le Seigneur pour exterminer les ennemis de la Foi." Squadron after squadron begins to crowd the Straits of Messina.

If any one has done you a wrong, remember what you would adduce in palliation of the offence if another were in the same situation; remember how you would suggest that perhaps the one injured had given some provocation to the wrongdoer, how you would perhaps have quoted the saying: "Tout comprendre est tout pardonner" "to understand is to pardon," how you would in any case have condemned vindictive resentment.

The well-known view of the "Seven Sisters" is taken hereabouts and the disused "Belle Tout" lighthouse stands up well on the western slopes of Beachy Head, looking no distance across the Cuckmere bay.

Bonaparte now advanced to the Imperial Ambassador, with whom, when present, he always begins the audience. I had now an opportunity to regard him attentively. His person is below the middle size, but well composed; his features regular, but in their tout ensemble stern and commanding; his complexion sallow, and his general mien military.

"Il signore va partir, sare, ah! mon Dieu! /tout/ of a sudden." "O-h! and where is he now!" "In his room, sare." Over the chaos strode Ferrers, and opening the door of his friend's dressing-room without ceremony, he saw Maltravers buried in a fauteuil, with his hands drooping on his knees, his head bent over his breast, and his whole attitude expressive of dejection and exhaustion.