In a lecture on the Supplices of Aeschylus, I have heard him say tout bonnement, "I can't construe that what do you make of it, A.B.?" turning to the supposed best scholar in the lecture; or, when an objection was started to his mode of getting through a difficulty, "Ah! I had not thought of that perhaps your way is the best."

"What you propose to me, then, is to accompany you tout bonnement to your new post. What you propose to me is to pack up and start?" "You put it in a nutshell." But Peter's smile was strained. "You're touching it has its charm. But you can't get anything in any of the Americas, you know. I'm assured there are no medals to be picked up in those parts which are therefore 'strange' indeed.

"We simply met in the garden, and we talked a bit." "Tout bonnement! And pray what did you say?" "I said I should take the liberty of introducing her to my admirable aunt." "I am much obliged to you." "It was to guarantee my respectability," said Winterbourne. "And pray who is to guarantee hers?" "Ah, you are cruel!" said the young man. "She's a very nice young girl."

If a man drinks, or is vicious, so long as he doesn't hurl the furniture at my head, or behave himself offensively to me, what does it matter to me! If he drinks so that he can't paint, and he wants to paint, well! then he seems to me another instance of the charming way in which a kind Providence has arranged this world. I am sorry for him, tout bonnement!

Tout bonnement!" "Oh, the wretch, the bad-hearted minx!" "No," said Leslie, reflectively. She turned from the warmth of the fire and let her eyes rest on the gray sky seen in wide patches through the three great windows, arched at the top and blocked at the bottom by wrought-iron guards, that admitted into the red and green room such very floods of light "no," Leslie repeated.

'J'en offre ici toute mes excuses aux spectateurs intelligents, he says in a note to one of the plays; 'esperons qu'un jour un seigneur venitien pourra dire tout bonnement sans peril son blason sur le theatre. C'est un progres qui viendra. And, though the description of the crest is not couched in accurate language, still the crest itself was accurately right.

Oui, je sais, mais—” “Mais monsieur, je dois donc vous avertir tout bonnement que si vous entrez dans la ville, vous serezenfin vous serez COMPROMIS!” “Oui, je sais, mais—”

Not one of his first four wives had been able to withstand the unhealthy climate of Pondicherry for more than eighteen months, so, after the demise of his fourth French wife, he had married a native, "ne pouvant vivre seul, j'ai tout bonnement epouse une indigene."

"Du tout; when I hear cries, and people marching, I think tout bonnement it was an emeute, and I turn round to finish my sleep; I think myself happy not to belong to the Garde Nationale of New York, and not be afraid of the rappel." "What did you think it was?" "An emeute, sans doute, say I to myself. It was un tintamarre epouvantable." "Emeute; pray, what is that?" "Emeute?