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"Mais, nom de " "What have you found, Lieutenant?" shouted the Master, letting the simoom drive him toward the wady. In their excitement none of the men would yet take cover, lie down and hide their faces under their coats as every dictate of prudence would have bidden. "Who is it, now? What " "Ah, my Captain! Ah! the pity of it! Behold!"

He arrested the maid on the last step: "Your mistress, she goin' pour marier 'Sieur George? It make me glad, glad, glad!" "Marry 'Sieur George? Non, Monsieur." "Non? Not marrie 'Sieur George? Mais comment?" "She's going to marry the tall gentleman." "Diable! ze long gentyman!" With his hands upon his forehead, he watched the carriage trundle away.

All experience of their inefficacy does not in the least discourage them. Are the old assignats depreciated at market? What is the remedy? Issue new assignats. Mais si maladia opiniatria non vult se garire, quid illi facere? Assignare; postea assignare; ensuita assignare. The word is a trifle altered.

Five thousand francs! A mist swam before my eyes, "Mais, Madame la Comtesse . . ." I stammered. "Oh!" she added, with an adorable uptilting of her little chin, "I am not promising what I cannot fulfil. M. le Comte de Nolé only said this morning, apropos of dog thieves, that he would gladly give ten thousand francs to anyone who succeeded in ridding society of such pests."

'Savoir, c'est mon metier; mais remarquez ceci, monsieur': It 's not always the intellectuals who succeed." "When you get a job," said Shelton, "you throw it away, I suppose." "You accuse me of restlessness? Shall I explain what I think about that? I'm restless because of ambition; I want to reconquer an independent position.

"There has been one every day for months," muttered Dawney. "But to leave without a word, and go no one knows where! B -is 'viveur' no doubt, mais, mon Dieu, que voulez vous? She was always a poor, pale thing. Why! when my " he flourished his cigar; "I was not always -what I should have been -one lives in a world of flesh and blood -we are not all angels -que diable!

«Cette pierre brune et feuilletée est comme la grise de nature calcaire; mais un mélange d'argile, et peut-être un peu de matière grasse ou phlogistique lui donnent sa couleur brune et la disposent

"Ah! oui, vraiment; dat am be one extinishin' vopper, sure 'nuff. Mais, him's gone pass long ago, so you better come avay an' finish de portage." "Not I, lad," cried March gaily, as he flung himself upon the grassy mound; "I'm goin' to admire this splendid country till I'm tired of it, and leave you and the other fellows to do the work."

"He means that you're to be a painter and naught else, though how a man can choose to daub paint when there are swords to be carried well, well," he pulled himself painfully to his feet, wincing at gouty twinges, "I will go and see your father about " "Mais, Colonel Hall, dites! How can I arrange not to lose this pearl among artists?"

On a clear sunny day the charnel-house, I repeat, is lovely, mais c'est la mort; it is the terrible beauty of death. Mrs.

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