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But she was 'une nature froide. The only thing that moved her was her big, brave idea to save France. The Maid was a mother, but not of a mortal child. Her offspring was the patriotism of France." The other captain was a man of middle age, from Lyons, the son of an architect. He was tall and pale and his large brown eyes had the tranquillity of a devout faith in them.

And indeed, whether with perfect justice or not, Louis Philippe's Administration had come to be deemed corrupt some time ere his fall. The free-spoken Parisians had openly flouted it as such: witness a mock advertisement placarded in the streets: "A nettoyer, deux Chambres et une Cour": "Two Chambers and a Court to clean."

If an Englishwoman enters a glover's, or shoemaker's shop, these worthies will only shew her the largest gloves or shoes they have in their magasins, so persuaded are they that she cannot have a small hand or foot; and when they find their wares too large, and are compelled to search for the smallest size, they seem discomposed as well as surprised, and inform the lady that they had no notion "une dame anglaise could want small gloves or shoes."

Cet article inspire par un bienveillant sentiment envers lui et ma famille en general, met dans un brillant relief les services que mon fils vient de rendre a son pays d'adoption. Cela a donc ete pour moi une extreme satisfaction que de le voir place en premiere ligne dans le journal le plus repandu du monde.

COUSIN, "Introduction Generale a l'Histoire de la Philosophie," I. 169: "Que toute pensée implique une foi spontanée

Some of Maupassant's short stories are sermons more forcible than any moral dissertation could ever be. Of De Maupassant's sustained efforts "Une Vie" may bear the palm. This romance has the distinction of having changed Tolstoi from an adverse critic into a warm admirer of the author.

He said he had never spent such an agitated night as the one at Vernon. So I said No, the fleas were horrid. He said he had not meant them; he meant that the sight of my beautiful hair hanging down had caused him "une grande émotion" and "rêves délicieux." There was an oldish girl next to him whom he knew; she has coiffed St.

I have frequently thought that if he had made out what the French call une catalogue raisonnée of all the people who had passed under his observation, it would have afforded a very rich fund of instruction and entertainment. The suddenness with which his accounts of some of them started out in conversation, was not less pleasing than surprising.

The interpreter told him that he could not have his bill at such an hour, that he could not leave town without his passport and that there was no train for Tsarskoie-Coelo, and Rouletabille made an outcry that woke the whole hotel. The guests, fearing always "une scandale," kept close to their rooms. But Monsieur le directeur came down, trembling.

In this the French must be allowed to excel all people in the world: they have 'un certain entregent, un enjouement, un aimable legerete dans la conversation, une politesse aisee et naturelle, qui paroit ne leur rien couter', which give society all its charms.