A careful comparison, however, of Washington's Rules with the Hawkins version renders it doubtful whether the Virginia boy used the work of the London boy. The differences are more than the resemblances. If in some cases the faults of the Washington version appear gratuitous, the printed copy being before him, on the other hand it often suggests a closer approach to the French of which language Washington is known to have been totally ignorant. As to the faults, where Hawkins says ceremonies "are too troublesome," Washington says they "is troublesome;" where the former translates correctly that one must not approach where "another readeth a letter," Washington has "is writing a letter;" where he writes "infirmityes" Washington has "Infirmaties;" the printed "manful" becomes "manfull," and "courtesy" "curtesie." Among the variations which suggest a more intimate knowledge of French idioms than that of Hawkins the following may be mentioned. The first Maxim with which both versions open is: "Que toutes actions qui se font publiquement fassent voir son sentiment respectueux

Soon after Jerome's arrival in Baltimore one of his suite, M. Rubelle his father a member of the famous French Directory married a young lady of that city, to whom Jerome said, "Jamais je n'épouserai une demoiselle Américaine." "Ne soyez pas si sûr," replied she: "Mademoiselle Patterson est si belle que la voir c'est l'épouser." Mrs.

'We must get to the opposite bank, for all that. "Mignonne, allons voir si la rose, Qui ce matin avoit desclose...." "We clasped hands and set forth on our little traversée, our landmark an odd-shaped needle of spar on the further side. My faith! it was simple. The paveurs of Nature had left the road a trifle rough, that was all.

His little very little essays on the verse of the French Renaissance are extremely unsatisfactory. His criticism of Ronsard's Mignonne, allons voir si la rose is a little masterpiece of delicate discrimination: If it be asked why this should have become the most famous of Ronsard's poems, no answer can be given save the "flavour of language." It is the perfection of his tongue.

Every Action done in Company ought to be with Some Sign of Respect, to those that are Present. Chapter ii. 1. Que toutes actions qui se font publiquement fassent voir son sentiment respectueux

"I'm terribly late," he said. "I must drive straight along to the hospital. I'll see you to-night. We're having a few old friends in to dinner. Run along now. Your Aunt Lucile will be waiting for you." His omission to mention Paula had been fairly palpable. Her reply, "All right, dad, till to-night, then. Au 'voir" had been, she knew, as brittle and sharp-edged as a bit of broken glass.

As soon as she came to town, we went to make a morning visit; it was past five o'clock; we were shown into a beautiful drawing-room, and the man-servant, without knocking at the door, went into the room which was adjacent, and we heard her call out, "J'irai la voir! j'irai la voir!" and when the man-servant came out, he said, "Madame est désolée, mais elle est en chemise."

A Russian Princess Galitzin, too, demands to see me in the heroic vein; "Elle vouloit traverser les mers pour aller voir S.W.S.," and offers me a rendezvous at my hotel. This is precious tomfoolery; however, it is better than being neglected like a fallen sky-rocket, which seemed like to be my fate last year. We went to Saint Cloud with my old friend Mr.

Now and then his exaggeration is merely amusing, as where he tells us that Swift, "as early as in his first two years after quitting Dublin, was accomplished in French," the only authority for such a statement being a letter of recommendation from Temple saying that he "had some French." Such compulsory testimonials are not on their voir dire any more than epitaphs.

Je ne vais toujours pas bien a cause de la tristesse et de l'inquietude que tout cela m'a cause, mais il ne faut pas etre inquiete pour moi; ca se passera dans un jour ou deux, tu sais que je suis tres impressionnable. "Il me prend de temps en temps d'angoissantes envies de te voir.