Floyd has taken up literature. She copies and translates and does no end of work for the professor; and he has hired her cottage, where they all do some Bohemianish housekeeping, I believe." Madame raises her delicate eyebrows a trifle. "She must be well trained, then," she makes answer. "She may do admirably for your brother, after all."

The baron plays like an artist; Maryan translates poetry into various languages. In the box were a number of others resembling these two, but the others had places elsewhere in the theatre: they had come for a brief time and left the box afterward, then there remained only the baron and young Darvid.

Callaway translates some Zulu communications which indicate the amount of belief in this very practical and sceptical people. Amusing illustrations of their scepticism will be quoted later, under 'Possession, but they do accept as seers certain hysterical patients. These are tested by their skill in finding objects which have been hidden without their knowledge. They then behave much like Mr.

"Mulled wine" translates M.H.G. "lutertranc", a claret mulled with herbs and spice and left to stand until clear. "Mark". See Adventure V, note 5. ADVENTURE IX. How Siegfried Was Sent To Worms. When they had thus fared on their way full nine days, Hagen of Troneg spake: "Now mark ye what I say. We wait too long with the tidings for Worms upon the Rhine.

"It has been seen also that he had long thought of assassination as the readiest means of ending it," says Mr. Froude. The "It has been seen" refers to a statement made a few pages earlier, in which he translates certain words written by Cicero to Atticus. "He considered it a disgrace to them that Cæsar was alive."

"Je ne donne pas un damn," he says to himself, and translates, as was his practice, to better his English "I do not present a damn. I shall take what it is that it may be." The noble Baron de Palliac at this feast of the tribesmen was like the captive patrician of old led in chains that galled.

We must be excused if we think that the mixture of praise and of puff, which the lady lavishes so indiscriminately upon the author whose works she translates, is more likely to display her own skill and dexterity in author-craft, than permanently to enhance the fame of Andersen.

He chooses to relate the incident from the point of view of Infessura, whom, by the way, he translates with an amazing freedom, and he makes bold to add regarding Gianandrea Boccaccio that: "It must also be said that the ambassador of Ferrara, either because he did not see everything, or because he was less austere than Infessura, was not shocked by the comedies, etc."

She sketches and paints in water colors, and botanizes, and looks for bits of stones and rocks which she examines through a glass, and translates French and generally potters around. She's always busy. She can do anything from making an omelette to painting a picture." Billie turned her eyes half wistfully toward the plump brown-haired Amy Swinnerton.

He, by His death, delivers men from the kingdom of darkness, and translates them into His own kingdom; giving them new powers for holiness, new hopes, inspiriting them to rebellion against the tyrants that have dominion over them; and thus conquering when He falls. The power of the darkness is broken like a crested wave, toppling over at its highest and dissolving in ineffectual spray.