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"The chickens and the ducks, yes; but the turkey " Here he shrugs his shoulders desperate. "Je ne connais pas." "You jennie what?" says I. "Ah, come, Leon, don't be a quitter." He explains that the ways of our national bird are a complete mystery to him. He'd as soon think of tryin' to hatch out ostriches or canaries.

Petersburg with the hope that it will find that its general sense differs in nothing from the sense of the proposition presented by Prince Menchikoff. The French words are: 'Que son sens general ne differe en rien du sens du projet presente par M. le Prince Menchikoff. It then goes on: 'And that it gives it satisfaction on all the essential points of its demands.

As I came up the French commander allowed the remark to drop that the position did not please him ca ne me dit rien is the exact expression he used and that his defence was too thin to be capable of resisting a single determined rush.

Still, we must mind the ne quid nimis in politeness also: and, indeed, there are some who are so excessively polite among other nations, with whom politeness becomes excessively uncomfortable. However, I always see something good, among the faults of man.

"Tot ou tard tout se scait" is a significant saying of our old friends, the French, who know as much of things, in practice as any other people on the face of the earth; but "tot ou tard tout ne se scait pas." "Is the door shut?" asked the deacon, tremulously, for eagerness, united to debility, was sadly shaking his whole frame.

Montesinos. The pleasure which men take in acting maliciously is properly called by Barrow a rascally delight. But this is no new form of malice. "Avant nous," says the sagacious but iron-hearted Montluc "avant nous ces envies ont regne, et regneront encore apres nous, si Dieu ne nous voulait tous refondre."

At every noise I peered out, hoping for the doctor. But he did not come. And then, as I fell back into the fauteuil, there was borne on my consciousness a sound I had heard before. It was the music of the fiddler, it was a tune I knew, and the voices of the children were singing the refrain: "Ne sait quand reviendra, Ne sait quand reviendra."

Inglethorp took her coffee upstairs with her, I do not see what you expect to find, unless you consider it likely that we shall discover a packet of strychnine on the coffee tray!" Poirot was sobered at once. "Come, come, my friend," he said, slipping his arms through mine. "Ne vous fachez pas! Allow me to interest myself in my coffee-cups, and I will respect your coco. There! Is it a bargain?"

And thereupon he ordained Holofernes prince of his knighthood, and bade him go forth, and in especial against them that had despised his empire; and bade him spare no realm ne town but subdue all to him. Then Holofernes assembled dukes and masters of the strength of Nebuchadnezzar, and numbered one hundred and twenty thousand footmen, and horsemen shooters twelve thousand.

"And some abricot," said she, helping him to a couple of fine juicy ones. "Oh, thank you, my lady, thank you, my lady, I'm nearly satisfied." "Vous ne mangez pas," said she, giving him half a plate of grapes. "Oh, my lady, you don't understand me I can't eat any more I am regularly high and dry chock full bursting, in fact."