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Such outbursts on the captain's part were but the escaping steam from the overcharged boiler of his indignation. Underneath lay the firebox of his heart, chock full of red-hot coals glowing with sympathy for every soul who needed his help. If his safety valve let go once in a while it was to escape from greater danger.

It is no wonder that the tempting sailors could do nothing with the cabin-boy who was "chock full of the Bible." Bother then with no theories of inspiration. Never deny nor conceal the true human voices of these men who spake of old, but never fail to affirm the true Divine breath in these men who spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.

When the last luff was hooked on, all hands were called to the rope cook, steward, and all and ranging ourselves at the falls, one behind the other, sitting down on the hides, with our heads just even with the beams, we set taught upon the tackles, and striking up a song, and all lying back at the chorus, we bowsed the tackles home, and drove the large books chock in out of sight.

How often have I told you, Mr Cheeks, that the carpenters are not to be employed, except on ship's duty, without my special permission." "His standing bed-place is broke, sir; he is only getting out a chock or two." "Mr Cheeks, you have disobeyed my most positive orders. By the bye, sir, I understand you were not sober last night."

But He's there, right up above us, and for every poor mean atom we call 'man' He's set out a trail to walk on. It's called the One-way Trail. And the One-way Trail is just the trail of Life. It's chock full of pitfalls and stumbling-blocks, that make us cuss like mad. But it's good for us to walk over it. There are no turnings or by-paths, and no turning back.

I tell ye them four books that gin his story is chock full o' things that go right to the heart o' fishermen, nets, an' hooks, an' boats, an' the shores, an' the sea, an' the mountings, Peter's fishin'-coat, lilies, an' sparrers, an' grass o' the fields, an' all about the evenin' sky bein' red or lowerin', an' fair or foul weather.

"I almost hope she'll do it, Mowbray," she said. "Jack doesn't deserve her. He's not a bit her sort. She ought to have married " "Some one who had her sort of ideals some one like that big, handsome chap the one you admired so frantically Governor Scarborough. He was chock full of ideals. And he's making the sort of career she could sympathize with."

"Why, sir," replied he, "she not only made me almost burst myself with eating and drinking, and all of the very best, but she has gone and filled my portmanteau too, filled it up chock full, sir! A fine ham of bacon, sir, and a pair of roasted fowls, with two bottles of brandy, and a matter of a peck of biscuit." "God bless the dear lady!" we both exclaimed at the same moment.

He's chock full obscientistical bombasticness an' labiodentalisms," said the colored man. "I guess the professor wanted us to meet him and learn something that we couldn't in college," spoke Mark. "Well, we'll soon be there." "Yes," assented Jack. "I want to find out what it's all about. Santell Roumann that's an odd name." "An' he's a mighty odd man," supplemented Washington.

"You've been talkin' to yo'self all along the road," the boy repeated with zest. "Have I? What are you up to?" "I've been chinquapinin'. Ma, she thinks I'm at school, but I ain't." He looked up wickedly, bubbling over with the shameless joys of truancy. "Thar's a lot of chinquapin bushes over yonder in Cobblestone's wood an' they're chock full of nuts." "And they're in your bag now, I suppose?"

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