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General Breckinridge took charge of the water and rum, doling it out at regular intervals, a tot at a time, determined to make it last as long as possible. Toward evening the wind was hardly strong enough to enable us to hold our own against the stream. At ten, Carysfort Light was abeam, and soon after a dark bank of clouds rising in the eastern sky betokened a change of wind and weather.

Like all only children, living constantly in the society of her parents, and sharing their talk and plans, she was precociously old for her age, and more serious and thoughtful than a little tot ought to be. Though her lower lip trembled, and her eyes flooded with tears, she put on a brave face to it, and protested her willingness to remain with Nantok and be a good little girl.

Quis enim inhibere poterat tantae multitudinis importabilem impulsum? At vero imperium nostrum tot et tantis confertum barbaris saucians, sauciatumque, adeo vt non modicam in eos moueret perturbationem, obstupentes perseuerant iam ipsius, et non remittebatur, bene iuuante deo, campum obtinuit. Neque locum illum scandere aduersarios permisit, in quo dimicauit cum barbaris.

For himself, he did not care, and Martha had simple tastes like his own. But there was Sallie. She was only a wee tot now but she would be a woman some day. They must give Sallie all the advantages they had missed; they must lay by money against the time when Sallie would be a grown up woman and want things like other girls of her age.

I was not anxious to reach Victoria before nightfall, but yet to reach it before dinner, and while I was chatting, my boys came through the wood and the engineer most kindly gave them a tot of brandy apiece, to which I owe their arrival in Victoria.

Tot tibi sunt, Virgo, dotes, quot sidera coelo. Thou hast as many virtues, O Virgin, as there are stars in heaven. The poet rang the changes upon these eight several words, and by that means made his verses almost as numerous as the virtues and stars which they celebrated.

"Why, you see, when the case is too clear against him, and that to find for him would be too barefaced, we get every man to mark down on a slip of paper the least amount of damages he is disposed to give against him; when they're all down, we tot them up, and divide by twelve "* *By no means an uncommon proceeding in revenue cases, even at the present day.

The pebbles are sugar plums, the bigger stones are broken sugar loaves, and the rocks, why, the rocks are made out of rock candy, of course." Tot sighed, blissfully. "It is the jolliest place to go fishing.

If you could have seen how discouraged she was after she came home from that first meeting with him, when he took the wind out of her training-school " "But he isn't going to jar you? He isn't going to cause you to totter?" "Not a jar! Not a tot! You'll see whether " "Your object, then, is to show how much stronger you are than I am?" Clytie suddenly paused in her impetuous rush.

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