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And what if some wide consciences think the ceremonies no stumbling-blocks? Nay, what if some pretend that they edify? Ferulae asinis gratissimae sunt in pabulo, caeteris vero jumentis praesentaneo veneno. It is enough to evince the inconveniency of the ceremonies, that some are scandalised, yea, many tender consciences are made to stumble by their means.

On the contrary she laid her pen aside and said: "I don't like him!" The reverend gentleman gave a great start of astonishment. "That is a paradox. To love no one that is possible; but not to love a particular person that is absurd. Have you then any idea what love is? 'Amantes sunt dementes' Lovers are demented. What don't you like about him? His red hair, eh?

A proof of this is preserved in the epilogue of the -Captivi- of Plautus: -Spectators, ad pudicos mores facta haec fabulast. Neque in hoc subigitationes sunt neque ulla amatio Nec pueri suppositio nec argenti circumductio, Neque ubi amans adulescens scortum liberet clam suum patrem. Huius modi paucas poetae reperiunt comoedias, Ubi boni meliores fiant.

'Sunt et mihi carmina; me quoque dicunt Vatem pastores: sed non ego credulus illis. The difference between Johnson and Smith is apparent even in this slight instance. Smith was a man of extraordinary application, and had his mind crowded with all manner of subjects; but the force, acuteness, and vivacity of Johnson were not to be found there.

Plato believed this of material and tangible things, saying that they are in a perpetual flux, semper fluunt, nunquam sunt. But of immaterial substances he judged quite differently, regarding them alone as real: nor was he in that altogether mistaken. Yet continued creation applies to all creatures without distinction.

Irrepressible mischief, indefatigable elasticity, a power of luminous mockery, delight in the perpetual discharge of innumerable arrows from an inexhaustible quiver, the unquenchable laughter of some little earth-born demon, perpetual gayety, and a radiant force of epigram there are all these in the true humorist. Stulti sunt innumerabiles, said Erasmus, the patron of all these dainty mockers.

Dionisio Vasquez. St. Teresa was commanded by our Lord to ask Father Baltasar Alvarez to make a meditation on Psalm xci. 6: "Quam magnificata sunt opera Tua." The Saint obeyed, and the meditation was made. Juana de Ahumada, wife of Juan de Ovalle. One day, she went with her sister she was staying in her house to hear a sermon in the church of St. Thomas.

Siquidem Soldanus eorum lingua sonat nomen similis maiestatis, quo nos in Latino dicimus Caesarem, aut Imperatorem. Pro custodia huius Castri sunt ibidem omni tempore morantes sex millia personarum, et pro, seruiendo, dum ibi residet, ipsi Soldano, qui omnes de Curia eadem accipiunt necessaria, et donatiua.

But when the doctrine of human equality makes its appearance in a modern dress it has evidently clothed itself with a new shade of meaning. Where the Roman jurisconsult had written "æquales sunt," meaning exactly what he said, the modern civilian wrote "all men are equal" in the sense of "all men ought to be equal."

"Sunt quoque mutatae per quinque volumina formae;" as the Metamorphoses were divided into fifteen books, three then formed a "volumen." I cannot avoid calling attention to the curiously incorrect phrase, "voluminibus exaravit."