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He might as well have spared himself the trouble of taking up some of his accoutrements, and pretending to examine them. The feint was perfectly transparent to the rest of us especially when the action ended, by his strolling off almost on the identical track taken by the huntress-maiden! "Amantes?" "Yes; lovers who have been long separated." "Carrambo! Do you say so?

Sechnall , "Audite omnes amantes Deum, sancta merita." But neither it, nor any other of the old Latin hymns by Irish writers, finds place in the Breviary. One of the most difficult works for a scholar to attempt and to carry out to his satisfaction is the translation of prose or poetry into another language.

They were very kind to as, and we three little girls used to ride together on the water buffaloes, and one day their brother José, who I remember was a sailor, had to come and search for us, for we were lost in a great swamp between Punta de los Amantes and the stone cross of Padre Sanvitores." "Those are the people," I said, feeling pleasurably excited myself that we should have mutual friends.

On the contrary she laid her pen aside and said: "I don't like him!" The reverend gentleman gave a great start of astonishment. "That is a paradox. To love no one that is possible; but not to love a particular person that is absurd. Have you then any idea what love is? 'Amantes sunt dementes' Lovers are demented. What don't you like about him? His red hair, eh?

Hence the poet says: Speremus pariter, pariter metuamus amantes; Ferreus est, si quis, quod sinit alter, amat.

"What! And you a student of Paris? Why, it's Charpentier's hymn to Montmartre. Listen, now!" His voice quickened. "He's playing a bit out of the night scene. He's playing the declaration of the Noctambule: "Je suis le Plaisir de Paris! Je vais vers les Amantes que le Désir tourmente! Je vais, cherchant les coeurs qu'oubli a le bonheur. L

Cheered by this audacious pledge, David pumped upon Eve all that has trickled on my readers, and some minor details besides, and repeated Lucy's every word, sweet or bitter, and recalled her lightest action Meminerunt omnia amantes and every now and then he looked sadly into Eve's keen little face for his doom. She heard him in silence until the last fatal incident, Lucy's severity on the lawn.

Eu José da Silvestra que estou morrendo de fome pequena cova onde não ha neve ao lado norte do bico mais ao sul das duas montanhas que chamei scio de Sheba; escrevo isto no anno 1590; escrevo isto com um pedaço d'ôsso n' um farrapo de minha roupa e com sangue meu por tinta; se o meu escravo dêr com isto quando venha ao levar para Lourenzo Marquez, que o meu amigo leve a cousa ao conhecimento d' El Rei, para que possa mandar um exercito que, se desfiler pelo deserto e pelas montonhas e mesmo sobrepujar os bravos Kukuanes e suas artes diabolicas, pelo que se deviam trazer muitos padres Far o Rei mais rico depois de Salomão Com meus proprios olhos os di amantes sem conto guardados nas camaras do thesouro de Salomão a traz da morte branca, mas pela traição de Gagoal a feiticeira achadora, nada poderia levar, e apenas a minha vida. Quem vier siga o mappa e trepe pela neve de Sheba peito

The rigors of mistresses are troublesome, but facility, to say truth, still more so; forasmuch as discontent and anger spring from the esteem we have of the thing desired, heat and actuate love, but satiety begets disgust; 'tis a blunt, dull, stupid, tired, and slothful passion: "Si qua volet regnare diu, contemnat amantem." "Contemnite, amantes: Sic hodie veniet, si qua negavit heri."

Francis Xavier, in his greatest of all hymns, has stated once for all the essence of the Christian motive and the religious attitude: "O Deus, ego amo te Nec amo te ut salves me Aut quia non amantes te Aeternis punis igne. "Nee praemii illius spe Sed sicut tu amasti me Sic amo et amabo te Solem, quia Rex meus est." What, then, has been the final effect of humanism upon preaching?