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His companion looked quickly at him, struck both by his tone and by his unconscious use of the singular. The air of indifference with which he was looking out across the meadowland, told its own tale. "Schilsky? Don't you know Schilsky? Our Joachim IN SPE?" she asked, to tease him. Maurice Guest coloured. "Yes, I heard him play the other night," he answered in good faith. "But I didn't mean him.

Not for the living only, but for the whole Church men offer that sacrifice pro redemptione animarum suarum, pro spe salutis et incolumitatis suae. Memento etiam Domine famulorum famularumque tuarum qui nos praecesserunt cum signo fidei et dormiunt in somno pacis.... Here in S. Apollinare at any rate for ever they await the renewal of that moment.

A little plausibility of discourse, and acquaintance with unnecessary speculations, is dearly purchased, when it excludes those instructions which fortify the heart with resolution, and exalt the spirit to independence. No. 181. Neu fluitem dubiae spe pendulus horae. HOR. Lib. i. Ep. xviii. 110. Nor let me float in fortune's ponv'r, Dependent on the future hour.

A treaty between Her Majesty and the States, to subsist after a peace, was now signed, Mons. Buys having received full powers to that purpose. His masters were desirous to have a private article added, sub spe rati, concerning those terms of peace; without the granting of which, we should stipulate not to agree with the enemy.

Accisis crinibus, nudatam, coram propinquis, expellit domo maritus, ac per omnem vicum verbere agit: publicatae enim pudicitiae nulla venia: non forma, non aetate, non opibus maritum invenerit. Neme enim illic vitia ridet: nec corrumpere et corrumpi saeculum vocatur. Melius quidem adhuc eae civitates, in quibus tantum virgines nubunt, et cum spe votoque uxoris semel transigitur.

She had exhausted, as Augustin says, all the hope of the century consumpta spe saeculi. For her the parting was near. This ecstasy was that of one dying, who has raised a corner of the veil, and who no longer belongs to this world. And, in fact, five or six days later she fell ill. She had fever.

When he had baptized Fanny, the old Bishop of Clermont was possessed by a joy so deep that he said to her, to express to her the more delicately the tender respect of his friendship: "I can now say as did Saint Monica after the baptism of Saint Augustine: 'Cur hic sim, nescio; jam consumpta spe hujus saeculi'. I do not know why I remain here below. All my hope of the age is consummated.

Come, I drink this glass of sherbet to the health of the Countess Colloredo in spe.!" The congress of Rastadt had been in session for nearly two years.

Francis Xavier, in his greatest of all hymns, has stated once for all the essence of the Christian motive and the religious attitude: "O Deus, ego amo te Nec amo te ut salves me Aut quia non amantes te Aeternis punis igne. "Nee praemii illius spe Sed sicut tu amasti me Sic amo et amabo te Solem, quia Rex meus est." What, then, has been the final effect of humanism upon preaching?

It is true we have no sea here, but we have the Danube, and there is room in it for many faithless women. Beware, therefore, Victoria! But now a truce to business and politics. Now, my demon, unfold your angel wings, and let me pass an hour with you in paradise. Will you do me the honor, Countess Colloredo in spe, to take supper with me here?" "Here?" said Victoria, looking around wonderingly.