Solentque pauperes terrae, accepta a Rege licentia, semel in anno ingredi, ac piscari gemmas, qui intrantes vngunt se succo Lymonsae, contra hirudines, colubros, et serpentes. Sed et de lacu effluit riuulus per montis descensum, in quo nonnunquam margaritae inueniuntur, et gemmae: dicunt etiam ibi nullum venenatum animal nocere aduenis.

Upon some day, seemingly by chance, but really having its antecedent in the remotest antiquity, a company of men participate in some simple act, of sacrifice, it may be, or of amusement. Now that act will be reiterated. "Quod semel dictum est stabilisque rerum Terminus servet." The subtile law of repetition, as regards the human will, is as sure in Determination as it is in Consciousness.

Ibi debent populi omnes et gentes universæ singulis annis, semel in anno scilicet, convenire, scilicet in capite Kal.

Aikin, Mr. I do not observe Lamb's name appended to any of the articles in the first volume; but the second comprises the Essays on Hogarth and on Burial Societies, together with a paper on the Custom of Hissing at the Theatres, under the signature of "Semel Damnatus."

There have, anciently, been men so excellent managers of their time that they have tried even in death itself to relish and taste it, and who have bent their utmost faculties of mind to discover what this passage is, but they are none of them come back to tell us the news: "Nemo expergitus exstat, Frigida quern semel est vitai pausa sequuta."

And then he recalled the lines of Catullus the sad, stately plaint of the classic world, like the suppressed sob of a strong man: "Soles occidere et redire possunt, Nobis cum semel occidit brevis lux, Nox est perpetuo una dormienda." And then he thought again of Virgil, and called up a Tuscan landscape that expressed him, and lines of cypresses that moved on majestic like hexameters.

"Why, it rather encroaches on my respected predecessor's fame for prudence and wisdom Sed semel insanivimus omnes everybody has played the fool in their turn.

He had quite given her up by the time he arrived at Chelsea, and had settled in his own mind that henceforward there must be no more sentiment, no more sunshine, no more romance. He had dreamt his dream. Well for him it was so soon over. Semel insanivimus omnes. Fellows had all been fools once, but no woman should ever make a fool of him again! No woman ever could.

The third:—Ecce res summâ consideratione digna; et in feris et in hominibus, sanguinis semel delibati sitis est, sæpius hausti libido. “The fourth:—Sollicitè animadvertendum est, cum in feris tum in hominibus fieri, ut guttæ pariant appetitum sanguinis, frequentiores potus ingluviem.

These last words the old gentleman had pronounced with fire, emotion, and extraordinary dignity; and the silence and respect with which he had been listened to were prolonged after he had ceased to speak. This appeared to embarrass him, but taking the arm of Camors he said, with a smile, "'Semel insanivimus omnes. My dear sir, every one has his madness. I trust that mine has not offended you.