Dr Forbesse’s answer is, that not only things instituted by God are not to be taken away for the abuse of them, but farther, neque res medioe ab hominibus prudenter introductoe, propter sequentem abusum semper tollendoe sunt.

"'Cur in vituperando sis quam in laudando proclivior. 'Hoc facile est ad explicandum, Nicolaus inquit, 'quod longa aetas et ante acta vita me docuit. Nam in laudandis hominibus saepius deceptus sum, cum hi deteriores essent quam existimarem, in vituperandis vero nunquam me fefellit opinio. IX. Bartol.

His ergo hominibus dum vivunt, magnos exhibent honores; mortuis vero vel templa vel monumenta extruunt amplissima, eosque contingere ac sepelire maximae fortunae ducunt loco. Audivimus haec dicta et dicenda per interpretem a Mucrelo nostro.

7 Si autem de terra regis Scotiæ aliquis fugitiuus fuerit pro felonia in Anglia, nisi voluerit venire ad rectu in curia domini regis Scotiæ & stare iudicio curiæ, non receptabitur in terra regis, sed liberabitur hominibus regis Scotiæ, per balliuos domini regis vbi inuentus fuerit.

Coming now to the little hall which is beside the hall just described, and which is above the Hall of Spring, in the vaulting, which is adorned with a vast and rich decoration in stucco and gold, in the recess in the centre, there is the Coronation of Pope Paul III, with four spaces that form a cruciform inscription, with these words: PAULUS III FARNESIUS, PONTIFEX MAXIMUS, DEO ET HOMINIBUS APPROBANTIBUS, SACRA TIARA SOLEMNI RITU CORONATUR, ANNO SALUTIS 1534, III NON. NOVEMB.

One stormy night, when gentle but heavy rain descended, patter, patter, on the roof above his head, he thought Gabriel and all the angelic choir were there, singing the Gloria in Excelsis, poising themselves on wings without the window, and the strain: Pax in terra hominibus bonoe voluntatis, Was so ineffably sweet that the tears rolled down his cheeks in streams.

"Hominibus impossibile," replied the monk, as he filled his glass. Tabary was in ecstasies. Villon filliped his nose again. "Laugh at my jokes, if you like," he said. "It was very good," objected Tabary. Villon made a face at him. "Think of rhymes to 'fish'," he said, "What have you to do with Latin?

On his return from the Luxembourg, where he had been presented according to custom by two of his peers the Baron de Nucingen and the Marquis de Montriveau the new Count met the old Duc de Chaulieu, a former creditor, walking along, umbrella in hand, while he himself sat perched in a low chaise on which his coat-of-arms was resplendent, with the motto, Deo sic patet fides et hominibus.

The spirit of God demands a peaceful and pious heart, not a restless and dissipated one; one should have a joyous and modest countenance; one should avoid jesting and immoderate laughter, and in general all that is contrary to a holy and joyful modesty: Modestia vestra nota sit omnibus hominibus."

Of this charter, respecting the pittance of 100l assigned to furnish the monks of Melrose with a daily mess of boiled rice, almonds, or other pulse, to mend their commons, the antiquarian reader will be pleased, doubtless, to see the original. Carta de Pitancia Centum Librarum. Robertus Dei gracia Rex Scottorum omnibus probis hominibus tocius terre sue Salutem.