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Insomuch, that one good Christian man in good belief should overcome and out-chase a thousand cursed misbelieving men, as David saith in the Psalter, QUONIAM PERSEQUEBATUR UNUS MILLS, & DUO FUGARENT DECEM MILIA; ET CADENT A LATERE TUO MILLE, & DECEM MILIA A DEXTRIS TUIS. And how that it might be that one should chase a thousand, David himself saith following, QUIA MANUS DOMINI FECIT HAEC OMNIA, and our Lord himself saith, by the prophet's mouth, SI IN VIIS MEIS AMBULAVERITIS, SUPER TRIBULANTES VOS MISISSEM MANUM MEAM. So that we may see apertly that if we will be good men, no enemy may not endure against us.

Nor did Aladdin ever see her again, but in after years the smell of box or roses would bring into his mind the wonderful face of her, and the music of her voice. In the delirium which was upon him all that night, he harped to the surgeon of Ellen, and in the morning fell asleep. "Haec olim meminisse juvabit," said the surgeon, as rain-clouded dawn rose whitely in the east.

Resume the reins of government, hold them with a firm hand, and act, so that it cannot be said of you, 'Faeminas et scorta volvit ammo et haec principatus praemia putat': Sire, if I see that my sincere advice should have produced any change, I shall continue it, and enter into more details; if not, I shall remain silent."

Haec meminisse to recall the old time to see her rise out of the dear past to hear Fanchonette's voice again to feel the grace of springtime how gloriously sweet this is!

Your hand, Father." "There it is; and, so long as you don't change the 'haec libertatis ergo' on your coins to 'haec religionis ergo, not one of those words need be altered." "A free country and in it religious liberty for each individual, even for you and your followers," said the burgomaster, "is what we desire.

But for the moment, surmising another clue, I stared at the page a page of the seventh "Aeneid" and at the stain which, as if to underline them, started beneath the words "Hic domus, haec patria est. I set down the book as I had found it, stepped forth again into the sunshine.

Now I am adrift; I need go neither forwards nor backwards; and the things which before were gentle and quiet occupations have become duties to be drearily fulfilled. I have put down here exactly what I feel. It is not cowardice that makes me do it, but a desire to face the situation, exactly as it is. Forsan et haec olim meminisse juvabit! And in any case nothing can be done by blinking the truth.

To which the parrot replied, "Hic, haec, hoc!" and burst out in a wild scream of laughing, spreading her grey wings, and showing intentions of flying away; but Mr. Ogilvie caught hold of the chain that hung from her leg. Just then voices broke out "That's Polly! Where is she? That's you, Jock, you horrid boy." "Well, I didn't see why she shouldn't enjoy herself." "Now you've been and lost her.

Mirum, quantum illi viro nuncianti haec fidei fuerit; quamque desiderium Romuli apud plebem exercitumque, facta fide immortalitatis, lenitum sit."

With the exception of the registrations and the customs the inquisitorial system, which had so long oppressed the Hanse Towns, was renewed; and yet the delegates of the French Government were the first to cry out, "The people of Hamburg are traitors to Napoleon: for, in spite of all the blessings he has conferred upon them they do not say with the Latin poet, 'Deus nobis haec otia fecit."