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Then Dominus vobiscum, Et cum spiritu tuo, Benedicamus Domino, Deo Gratias, Fidelium animae, Amen. Amen. Then is said the antiphon of the Blessed Virgin, Alma Redemptoris or Ave Regina, or Regina Coeli, or Salve Regina, according to the part of the ecclesiastical year for which each is assigned, with versicle, response, oremus, collect, Divinum auxilium.... Amen. Rubrics.

The gateway is surmounted by an inscription referring to the two Arundells of the Great Rebellion; above is a niche containing a bust of Christ and the words "SUB NOMINE TUO STET GENUS ET DOMUS." The entrance to the stairs, an arch in the Classic Renaissance style, is a picturesque and much-admired corner of the ruin.

Dixit Patricius, "Nec rex eris nec de semine tuo regnabit in aeternum." Illius vero lacrimis misertus est Patricius, dicens, "Non erit rex quem tua progenies non jurabit," etc., quod impletur. Et dixit illi Patricius: "Thy seed shall be blessed, and the palm of laics and clerics shall be of thee for ever, and the inheritance of this place shall belong to them."

Perche sei grande nol sei in tua volia; Tu vedi e gia non credi il tuo valore; Passate gia son tutte gelosie; Tu sei di sasso; non hai piu dolore." As far as Adams could afterwards recall it, this was Libri's reading, but he added that the abbreviations were many and unusual; that the writing was very ancient; and that the word he read as "elleria" in the first line was not Italian at all.

His repetition of her name the 'Sandra' being uttered with unwonted softness plunged her into a fit of weeping. "Ah!" Mr. Pericles shouted. "See what she has come to!" and he walked two or three paces off to turn upon her spitefully, "she will be vapeurs, nerfs, I know not! when it wants a physique of a saint! Sandra Belloni," he added, gravely, "lift up ze head! Sing, 'Sempre al tuo santo nome."

At the worst, talk of it to yourself, like a councillor of my acquaintance, who, having disgorged a whole cartful of law jargon with great heat and as great folly, coming out of the council chamber to make water, was heard very complacently to mutter betwixt his teeth: "Non nobis, domine, non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam." Psalm cxiii.

'Invitus, regina, tuo de littore cessi . 'Very well hit off! said he. We dined at Kinghorn, and then got into a post-chaise . Mr. Nairne and his servant, and Joseph, rode by us. We stopped at Cupar, and drank tea. We talked of parliament; and I said, I supposed very few of the members knew much of what was going on, as indeed very few gentlemen know much of their own private affairs.

The nuns needed no light, knowing the office by heart: "Delicta quis intelligit? ab occultis meis munda me, et ab alienis parce servo tuo" "Who can comprehend what sin is? Cleanse me from my hidden sins, and from those of others save Thy servant." The antiphon followed the Gloria, and then the soft womanly voices chanted the twenty-third Psalm: "Quis ascendit in montem Domini?"

This place was famous for its herds of white cattle, brought up there for sacrifice, and supposed to be impregnated with that colour by the waters of the river last mentioned. Hinc albi, Clitumne, greges, et maxima taurus Victima, saepe tuo perfusi fluorine sacro, Romanos ad templa Deum duxere triumphos. Georg. ii.

After some interval, spent by the Chevalier in warming himself, a low voice at the door was heard, saying, 'Deus vobiscum. The Abbess answered, 'Et cum spiritu tuo; and on this monastic substitute for a knock and 'come in, there appeared a figure draped and veiled from head to foot in heavy black, so as to look almost like a sable moving cone.