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About a fortnight after this nearly fatal adventure on the river, it was Montem. One need hardly remind the reader that this celebrated ceremony, of which the origin is lost in obscurity, and which now occurs triennially, is the tenure by which Eton College holds some of its domains.

Talbot, you look but poorly; but this Montem will put everybody in spirits. I 'ear everybody's to be 'ere; and my brother tells me, 'twill be the finest ever seen at HEton. Louisa, my dear, I'm sorry I've not a seat for you in my curricle for to-morrow; but I've promised Lady Betty; so, you know, 'tis impossible for me. Louisa.

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He recalled the impatient, even alarmed, expressions of Rigby at Montem six years ago, when he proposed to invite young Millbank to his grandfather's dinner; the vindictive feud that existed between the two families, and for which political opinion, or even party passion, could not satisfactorily account; and he reasoned himself into a conviction, that the solution of many perplexities was at hand, and that all would be consummated to the satisfaction of every one, by his unexpected but inevitable agency.

What is the matter, dear mother? You used to say, that seeing my brother always made you feel ten years younger; yet even while he was here, you had, in spite of all your efforts to conceal them, those sudden fits of sadness. Mrs. Talb. The Montem is not it to-morrow? Ay, but my boy is not sure of being captain. Louisa.

Lord Monmouth was somewhat balder than four years ago, when he had come down to Montem, and a little more portly perhaps; but otherwise unchanged. Lord Monmouth never condescended to the artifices of the toilet, and, indeed, notwithstanding his life of excess, had little need of them. Nature had done much for him, and the slow progress of decay was carried off by his consummate bearing.

I'm sure I'm fit to go along with Wheeler. Why, you'd best be my tutor, Wheeler! a devilish good thought. Wheel. An excellent thought. Burs. And a cursed fine dust we should kick up at Oxford, with your Montem money and all! I wish it was come to my making you my last bow, "ye distant spires, ye ANTIC towers!" Wheel. Ye ANTIC towers! fit for Oxford, my lord! Lord J. Antique towers, I suppose Mr.

I would not say a word to Talbot; full of spirits as he was this morning, I would not say a word to him, till after the Montem, of what has happened. Louisa. And what has happened, dear mother? Sit down, you tremble. Mrs. Talb. A messenger brought me that from town a few hours ago. "By an express from Portsmouth, we hear the Bombay Castle East Indiaman is lost, with all your fortune on board."

Rigby! Coningsby, who had dined, was greatly tempted to take off his hat and make him a bow, but he refrained. Their eyes met. Rigby was dead beat. He was evidently used up; a man without a resource; the sight of Coningsby his last blow; he had met his fate. 'My dear fellow, said Coningsby, 'I remember I wanted you to dine with my grandfather at Montem, and that fellow would not ask you.

The report of their friend imparted to them unbounded satisfaction, when they learned that his relative was a splendid fellow; that he had been loaded with kindness and favours; that Monmouth House, the wonders of which he rapidly sketched, was hereafter to be his home; that Lord Monmouth was coming down to Montem; that Coningsby was to order any dress he liked, build a new boat if he chose; and, finally, had been pouched in a manner worthy of a Marquess and a grandfather.