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"Frigida Francisci lapis hic tegit ossa Petrarcae; Suscipe, Virgo parens, animam; sate Virgine, parce Fessaque jam terris Coeli requiescat in arce."

Énergique, frais, et dispos these, according to Sainte-Beuve, are the characteristics of a genuine classic les ouvrages anciens ne sont pas classiques parce qu'ils sont vieux, mais parce qu'ils sont énergiques, frais, et dispos.

Je dors bien, mais comme je suis seul dans mon logement, je deviens tout triste. Je n'ose pas penser du tout a Pre-Charmoy parce que cela me donne une telle envie de te voir que j'en serais malade. Ah! si la force physique voulait seulement repondre a la force morale!

The spell of the old chant was still upon him, and instead of preparing his mind for his task, he let it murmur on: "Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi, parce nobis Domine" while a rapt silence fell upon the congregation not a ribbon rustled; the expression of expectation was most intense.

"Don't interrupt an intelligent conversation! Mariana, do teach him manners!" Mariana turned to the cage and began stroking the parrot's neck with her finger; the parrot stretched towards her. "Yes," Valentina Mihailovna continued, "Boris Andraevitch astonishes me, too, sometimes. There is a certain strain in him... a certain strain... of the tribune." "C'est parce qu'il est orateur!"

The good man turned round and almost fell off the steps with the nervous shock of beholding me so near him: he descended with precipitation, and shook me so warmly and tightly by the hand, that he brought tears into my eyes, as well as his own. "Gently, my good friend," said I "parce precor, or you will force me to say, 'ibimus una ambo, flentes valido connexi foedere."

"Parce metu, Cytherea, manent immota tuorum Fata tibi," &c. Notwithstanding which the goddess, though comforted, was not assured; for even after this, through the course of the whole "AEneis," she still apprehends the interest which Juno might make with Jupiter against her son.

She felt his approaches, and dictated a letter to Walpole, bidding him, in her strange fashion, an infinitely restrained farewell: 'Divertissez-vous, mon ami, le plus que vous pourrez; ne vous affligez point de mon état, nous étions presque perdus l'un pour l'autre; nous ne nous devions jamais revoir; vous me regretterez, parce qu'on est bien aise de se savoir aimé. That was her last word to him.

Every one acknowledged it; yet every one continued to live indolently according to the fashion of his forefathers, acting up to Ovid's maxim Pro magna parte vetustas Creditur; acceptam parce movere fidem. It is only this incurable indifference that renders Machiavelli's comic portraits of Fra Alberigo and Fra Timoteo at all intelligible.

The strain rises from thoughts of mortality to the consolations of the eternal: "Peace, peace! he is not dead, he doth not sleep! He hath awakened from the dream of life. 'Tis we, who, lost in stormy visions, keep With phantoms an unprofitable strife." Keats is made "one with Nature"; he is a parce of that power