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So do all other righteous judges in their decision of processes and final determination of legal differences, observing that which hath been said thereof by D. Henri. Ferrandat, et not. gl. in c. fin. de sortil. et l. sed cum ambo. ff. de jud. Ubi Docto.

In plan the ambo somewhat resembles that at Grado, with six half-colonnettes projecting from the curved form, two of them terminating in heads on each side of the book-rest, itself supported on an octagonal shaft which dies into its underside with very flat vine or oak leaves spread over the surface.

When he seemed to refrain from cheating and stealing, he rendered our lives troublesome by constant quarrellings and rows he and his fellow attached to my German companions Arcades ambo! Mr. Frederick Warrington and the American Consul took leave of us on the morning of the 5th.

Honoring the king means keeping one family in foolish luxury, as a symbol of the whole system of privilege which is maintained by the systematic exploitation of the people. We are crucified between two thieves who mock us, but do not share our cross; the spiritual thief, who robs us of our birthright of mental freedom, and the temporal thief, who robs us of the fruit of our labor. Arcades ambo.

So that the Genovese, by way of wishing his enemy ill-luck, while appearing to observe the proprieties, says to him "Ti auguro un' ambo." Peppino does not approve of the lottery, yet he has not made up his mind that it ought to be abolished.

First of all, the Holy Father, rising from his seat, read, in a distinct voice, the definitions of the Council of Trent, known as the Creed of Pope Pius IV. The same profession of faith was then read from the Ambo by the Bishop of Fabriano. As soon as he had done so, the other Fathers of the Council expressed their adhesion by kissing the Gospel at the throne of the Chief Pastor.

Supposing, therefore, the game was played with ordinary fairness, and even as much as 25 per cent. were deducted for profit and working expenses off the winnings, you ought, if you staked a scudo, for instance, and won an "eletto," "ambo" or "terno," to win in round numbers 14, 300, and 9000 scudi respectively.

"Well, there was that word in the letter 'Margota cum Turennio, ambo nocentes, conveniunt in castello nomine Loignac. Mon Dieu! how I regret that my knowledge is not as great as my memory is good." "Ambo nocentes," repeated Marguerite, in a low voice, and turning very pale, "he understood it all." "Margota cum Turennio, ambo nocentes," repeated Henri.

Yet something can be said with regard to the Ravello pulpit that plays so important a part in the argument of the learned historians of Italian painting. Unless a strong similarity between it and Pisano's pulpits can be proved, their hypothesis carries with it no persuasion. The pulpit in the cathedral of Ravello is formed like an ambo of the antique type.

"Tom Duke." "Antega Ambo." If the Christian Missionaries were to establish schools in the towns on the banks of these rivers, they would be very likely to prove eminently beneficial to the people, who are very desirous of, receiving every kind of instruction, more particularly a knowledge of writing, which, at present, the head men teach each other in an imperfect manner, of which the above notes form an example.