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Muove i paralitici, Spedisce gli apopletici, Gli asmatici, gli asfitici, Gl’ isterici, i diabetici Guarisce timpanitidi, E scrofule e rachitidi.”

Julianus. To marry likewise our daughters when they are ripe, and no sooner, ff. de donation. inter vir. et uxor. l. cum hic status. paragr. si quis sponsam. et 27 qu. 1. c. sicut dicit. gl. Jam matura thoro plenis adoleverat annis Virginitas. And, in a word, she instructeth us to do nothing of any considerable importance, but in a full maturity and ripeness, 23. q. para ult. et 23. de c. ultimo.

Sermo datur cunctis, animi sapientia paucis. Gl. ff. de alien. jud. mut. caus. fa. lib.2. This administered unto the tavern-keepers, wine-drawers, and vintners of Semerve an occasion to say, that under him they had not in the space of a whole year so much reconciliation-wine, for so were they pleased to call the good wine of Leguge, as under his father they had done in one half-hour's time.

Glaubsila, as uniting the ideas of invention and of musical intonation, is the classical word for poetry abbreviated, in ordinary conversation, to Glaubs. Na, which with them is, like Gl, but a single letter, always, when an initial, implies something antagonistic to life or joy or comfort, resembling in this the Aryan root Nak, expressive of perishing or destruction.

Near at hand you could fancy it the most melancholy sound in Nature, as if she meant by this to stereotype and make permanent in her choir the dying moans of a human being some poor weak relic of mortality who has left hope behind, and howls like an animal, yet with human sobs, on entering the dark valley, made more awful by a certain gurgling melodiousness I find myself beginning with the letters gl when I try to imitate it expressive of a mind which has reached the gelatinous, mildewy stage in the mortification of all healthy and courageous thought.

Arg. in l. si major. c. commun. divid. et de cons. di. 1. c. solemnitates, et ibi gl.

Thus Gl' Intricati, printed in 1581, and acted a few years before at Zara, the work of Count Alvise, or, it would appear, more correctly Luigi, Pasqualigo, contains a farcical and magical part combined with some rather coarse jesting between two rogues, one Spanish and one Bolognese, who speak in their respective dialects.

Drinker, who went with a committee of women to camp at Valley Forge, has left a brief description of head-quarters hospitality: "Dinner was served, to which he invited us. There were 15 Officers, besides ye Gl. and his wife, Gen. Greene, and Gen. Lee. We had an elegant dinner, which was soon over, when we went out with ye Genls wife, up to her Chamber and saw no more of him."

For ne'er be your old trade forgot In your arms rather quarter A pestle and mortar, And your crest be a spruce gallipot, Gl nb e, And your crest be a spruce gallipot." "Gl nb e, Gl nb e, The world's topsy-turvy, Of this truth you're the fittest attester; For, who can deny That the Low become High, When the King makes a Lord of Silvester, Gl nb e, When the King makes a Lord of Silvester." "Mr.

Then all the parts of this wave BC must arrive at the same time at the point L; or rather all the parts of a wave emanating from the point L must arrive at the same time at the straight line BC. And for that, it is necessary to find in the line VGD the point D such that having drawn DC parallel to AB, the sum of CD, plus 3/2 of DG, plus GL may be equal to 3/2 of AB, plus AL: or rather, on deducting from both sides GL, which is given, CD plus 3/2 of DG must be equal to a given length; which is a still easier problem than the preceding construction.

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