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For the meaning of senectus see n. on 4. In De Or. 1, 132 we have modice et scienter. SICUT OMNIA: cf. Fin. 1, 7 facete is quidem sicut alia; also below, 65 sicut alia. ET FERRE ET LATURUM ESSE: Tischer rightly remarks that when a verb is repeated thus with a variation of tense Cic. very nearly always uses et ... et, and not a single et merely.

Truly I know him too well, and have obeyed him a little too much in condescending to some follies; and I know him as other men do, yea, that he is ever occupied, and ever busy in following his plough. I know by St. Peter, which saith of him, Sicut leo rugiens circuit quaerens quem devoret: "He goeth about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour."

"We come of a race," he wrote carelessly to his brother Louis, "who are somewhat bad managers in our young days, but when we grow older, we do better, like our late father: 'sicut erat in principio, et nunc, et semper et in secula seculorum'. My greatest difficulty," he adds, "as usual, is on account of the falconers."

'But tell me, gentlemen, ye who understand sacred things, he resumed, 'can a man be far out of the way so long as, with full heart and no withholding, he saith, Fiat voluntas tua and that after no private interpretation, but Sicut in caelo? 'That, my lord, I also strive to say with all my heart, said Dr. Bayly.

'Sicut umbra praeterit dies' so ran the motto of the dial set between porch and eaves; to Harvey Rolfe the kindliest of all greetings, welcoming him to such tranquillity as he knew not how to find elsewhere. It was in the town, yet nothing town-like.

We may not, for the commandment of men, transgress the rule of piety, by doing anything which is not for God’s glory, and ordered according to his will; neither ought any of us to obey men, exceptfor the Lord’s sake,” 1 Pet. ii. 13, andas the servants of Christ, doing the will of God,” Eph. vi. 6; which teacheth us the manner how we ought to obey men, namely, propter Christum et sicut Christus praecipit; for if we should know no more but the will of man for that which we do, then we should be theservants of men,” not the servants of Christ.

"For God's sake, Sancho, no more proverbs!" exclaimed Don Quixote; "it seems to me thou art becoming sicut erat again; speak in a plain, simple, straight-forward way, as I have often told thee, and thou wilt find the good of it."

Any act that ever I did, if thou report it again to mine honour with a Gloria Patri, never report it but with a sicut erat that is, even as it was and none otherwise. And lift me not up with lies, for I love it not." If men would use this way with them that this noble king used, it would diminish much of their false flattery.

Thus the comet predicted by Klinkerfues and discovered by Pogson had already lagged to the extent of twelve weeks, and we shall meet instances farther on where the retardation is counted, not by weeks, but by years. Here original identity emerges only from calculation and comparison of orbits. Comets, then, die, as Kepler wrote long ago, sicut bombyces filo fundendo.

The following macaronic epigram, however, shows that they were but too much addicted to the Amour Socratique: "Let a friar of some order tecum pernoctare Either thy wife or thy daughter hic vult violare, Or thy son he will prefer, sicut fortem fortis, God give such a friar pain in Inferni portis."