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Miss Bremer talked plentifully in her strange manner, good English enough for a foreigner, but so oddly intonated and accented, that it is impossible to be sure of more than one word in ten. Being so little comprehensible, it is very singular how she contrives to make her auditors so perfectly certain, as they are, that she is talking the best sense, and in the kindliest spirit.

The Duke paid no attention to him. He shut the door quickly behind him and sprang swiftly up the stairs. He met the inspector coming down with Sonia. Barring their way for a moment he said, in his kindliest voice: "Now you mustn't be frightened, Mademoiselle Sonia. All you have to do is to try to remember as clearly as you can the circumstances of the earlier thefts at Charmerace.

You don't love me any more?" Still he was silent. "You don't love me," she said, as if repeating some astounding fact, which she could not yet believe. He seemed to gather his courage up. "I have " he tried to speak; faltered, broke, went on: "I have the kindliest feelings toward you, 'Thalia" his last word was in a whisper.

"My dear girl," said Fenwick, "what can you expect from an ass but his ears?" "I don't expect downright slander from such a man as the Marquis of Trowbridge, and if I were you I should tell the bishop so." "I shall tell him nothing of the kind. I shall write about the Marquis with the kindliest feelings." "But you don't feel kindly?" "Yes, I do.

"See you're packin' hardware," went on the other, with significant glance at Pan's gun. Pan at once took this man to be Matthews, the town marshal mentioned by Charley Brown. He had not needed Brown's hint; he had encountered many sheriffs of like stripe. Pan, usually the kindliest and most genial of cowboys, returned the sheriff's curious scrutiny with a cool stare.

"The game," he said, "is a mixture of the old golf, tiddleywinks, ludo and the race game." "Not spillikins?" I protested. "A game I rather fancy myself at." "For your information, please," continued James in his kindliest military manner, "I may remark that a mashie is the club mostly used except when it is necessary to keep low between, say, two clumps of potatoes."

It is for me to teach you the bad taste of bringing into your new home the ideas and language of school. Meanwhile, in no case would you learn more of my rule than concerned your own fault. Take in exchange for your proverb the kindliest I have learned in your language: "'Whispered warnings reach the heart; Veil the blush and spare the smart.

He wore a red cap and cloak, people kneeled to him and sought his blessing, and all spoke of him as the wisest, kindliest and most scholarly man in the Church. He had not spoken of his boyhood for years, but he never ceased to think of those happy days. And although he tried hard, he could not believe that it was all a dream.

I have told you that I acted throughout from the best and kindliest motives in roasting you to Angela. It cut me to the quick to have to speak like that, and only the recollection of our lifelong friendship would have made me do it. And now you say you don't believe me and call me names for which I am not sure I couldn't have you up before a beak and jury and mulct you in very substantial damages.

I found the kindliest of nursing and care in my old quarters in the Schuyler mansion. It was there, one morning in January of the new year 1778, that a quiet wedding breakfast was celebrated for Daisy and me; and neither words nor wishes could have been more tender had we been truly the children of the great man, Philip Schuyler, and his good dame.

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