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Cobden-Sanderson talked it over with his wife, and she being a most sensible woman, agreed with William Morris. So Cobden-Sanderson, acting on Th' Ole Man's suggestion, rented the quaint and curious mansion next door to the old house occupied by the Kelmscott Press, and went to work binding books. When we were once inside the Bindery, the Chaucerian argument between Mr.

"Who the devil have you got there, Pelham?" said Lord Chester. "A person," said I, "who picked me up at Paris, and insists on the right of treasure trove to claim me in England. But will you let me ask, in my turn, whom that cheerful mansion we have just left, belongs to?" "To a Mr.

"But, my dear sister, it appears to me that his intentions are evident. Why has he rebuilt Arnwood? He is not going to surrender my property and make me a present of the house." "The reason for rebuilding the mansion was good. You were at the wars; it was possible that you might or that you might not return.

One bright July morning the Blackbird noticed a most unusual stir at the old mansion. There was a good deal of running about, to and fro, and in and out. The dairymaid paid a great many visits to the dairy, and other maids might be seen hurrying in all directions. The small brother and sister had more than once trotted out on the lawn to look at the sky, and make sure that it was not raining.

And it was going to last forever and ever and ever. So far they were just Everybride and Everygroom. Their hearts sang and the manse was more gorgeous than any mansion on earth, and all the world was good and sweet, and they couldn't possibly ever make any kind of a mistake or blunder, for love was guiding them, and could pure love lead astray?

A few minutes later, a tall, massive portal on the Rue des Vieilles- Haudriettes, bearing on the escutcheon that betrayed the former family mansion, beneath half-effaced armorial bearings, a sign in blue letters, Wall Papers, was thrown wide open to allow the wedding-carriage to pass through.

The chauffeur helped him up the steps of the brownstone mansion, while Grimsby's old butler swung open the glass door, with a helping hand under the feeble arm. Shirley puffed and grunted impatiently until he heard the door close behind him. Then straightening up, he turned upon the startled butler. "Well, my man. Go out and tell the chauffeur to leave for the country at once, as Mr.

From the obscurity of yonder lone mansion, and from this remote region, to send forth lays which astonished the world, was, indeed, a triumph to the visionary bard.

The house brought in about eight thousand francs for there were three complete sets of apartments back and front, on the side nearest the Rue de Normandie, as well as the three floors in the older mansion between the courtyard and the garden, and a shop kept by a marine store-dealer named Remonencq, which fronted on the street.

He was also appointed teacher to the daughters of the Prince of Wales, at a salary of a thousand a year. Not long after this Handel was appointed Chapel master to the Duke of Chandos, and was expected to live at the princely mansion he inhabited. The size and magnificence of The Cannons was the talk of the country for miles around.