The Guardian wishes it clearly understood that a Hazírá must be a piece of land owned by the Bahá’ís, and not a rented piece of property. The Guardian will appreciate advice from you as quickly as possible of the steps being taken to fulfill this important task of the second phase of the Ten-Year Plan. He feels this property should be purchased during the current year....

He said the lands were really rented too high, too high to leave for the cultivator of the soil anything but bare subsistence in the best of years; and when bad years followed one another, or in cases of sickness coming to the head of the family, want sat down with them at once. Mr. Cox, the representative of the Land League, was also there, and made a speech.

Our client stated that he had rented a lot of an Irish landlord for five dollars a month; that he had erected thereon a small frame shanty, which was occupied by his family; that he had, paid his rent regularly up to a recent period, but to his house he had appended a shed which extended over a part of an adjoining vacant lot belonging to the same landlord, for which he was charged two and a half dollars a month, which he refused to pay.

He came back here nobody knows from where, and rented a house, the other side of Coconut Grove, and brought his yacht down to Miami Harbor. Almost right away, he seemed to gain the queerest influence over Milo. It was almost like hypnotism. And yet, I don't altogether wonder. He has an odd sort of fascination about him. Even when he is discussing his snakes." "His snakes?"

"Yes," I said. "Louise is not here," Mrs. Fitzhugh went on, "and none of her friends the few who are still in town has seen her. I called you because Sunnyside was not rented when she went away, and Louise might have, gone there." "I am sorry, Mrs. Fitzhugh, but I can not help you," I said, and was immediately filled with compunction. Suppose Louise grew worse?

"United Ireland" for the week ending January 28th, 1882, was printed in Paris, in a section of a printing office rented by Patrick Egan, and sent, addressed to me, for circulation in Ireland and Great Britain.

"You are fully aware that by the arrangement entered into between us, when you first rented the room, that I am doing nothing illegal in requiring you to leave. You will save me both trouble and pain by doing as I have requested." "I cannot," she replied, pressing her hands to her forehead, and then bursting into tears she exclaimed appealingly: "For the sake of God have pity, sir!

"Oh, yes!" answered Phyllis, "though I didn't happen to see them myself. Mrs. Danforth told me that in July the Remsons had it, as they always do. But in August and September she rented it to an elderly gentleman, I can't think of his name, just this minute, who stayed there all by himself, with only his man or valet to do all the work.

Dieppe, Etratat, Trouville seemed to them to be places to be avoided, and they had rented a house which had been built and abandoned by an eccentric individual in the valley of Roqueville, near Fécamp, and there they buried their wives for the whole summer. They were drunk. Not knowing what to hit upon to amuse themselves, the little Baroness had suggested a good dinner and champagne.

The Carew treasures were packed in boxes and sent away into the Iowa wilderness; the Carew traditions were preserved by the Historical Society; the Carew property, standing in one of the most umbrageous and aristocratic suburbs of Philadelphia, was rented to all manner of folk anybody who had money enough to pay the rental and society entered its doors no more.