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He was taken up, carried into Suakin, carefully attended to, fed upon a milk diet, and, in the end, recovered and returned to his Uncle Osman and the dervishes. It has always been upon my mind that I was therein instrumental in furnishing a dervish recruit to the cause of furious anarchy, and I am relieved to think Mousa is not without compunction, if not a decent modicum of conscience.

But her heart was too sore for the Perkins family to feel any compunction for him. "I don't understand law I know," she said sadly. "But I can't understand how your father's son could see that poor irresponsible creature sent to jail for the sake of a big rich company. His wife's heart is broken, that's all."

Such are the thoughts unceasingly before her! her heart and soul have for years fed upon the bitterness of a resentment, at once impotent and intense, and nature itself has turned to gall. She sees not in Clytemnestra a mother, but the murderess of a father. The doubt and the compunction of the modern Hamlet are unknown to her more masculine spirit.

When one of these people kills in battle, he seems to have no compunction afterward; but when he makes a foray on his own responsibility, and kills a man of note, the common people make remarks to each other, which are reported to him, and bring the affair perpetually to his remembrance.

They concurred in everything which she had told me, and repeated, without any signs of shame or compunction, things which criminated themselves. I must acknowledge the truth, and declare that all this had an effect upon my mind. I questioned whether I might not be in the wrong, and felt as if their reasoning might have some just foundation.

She could stifle her compunction by thinking: "There was such a long, weary time when I did need it, and was desolate because of its absence, that I must have a little now to offset those gray, lonely days."

And he had remembered with remorse that he should have softened to Bridget the sudden news of her friend's death. The sight of her now a small tragic figure with a white face and burning eyes, in a black dress into which she had changed, deepened his compunction. 'I am very sorry, Biddy. He tried to put his arm round her shoulder, but she drew back.

Poor old fellow; how he was upset!" Andrew Forbes would have felt more compunction had he seen Frank when he was alone; for the lad hurried to his room, where he stood trembling with agitation and thinking of what he should do.

Without the least compunction she broke the seal, grimly scanning its contents from beginning to end. If there was anything under the sun the madame abominated it was love-letters. It was an established fact that no tender billets-doux found their way from the academy; the argus-eyed madame was too watchful for that. With a lowering brow, she gave the bell-rope a hasty pull.

'Come, sir, she said, with a cruel pleasure in repeating the stab, 'I will be as open with you as you can desire. Yet he never passed in at MY door never sat in colloquy with ME until midnight. She took her revenge for her old grudge in thus turning his subject against him. Hers was not the nature to spare him, and she had no compunction.

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