He had slipped Donohue's fingers aside from the key to cut in with a peremptory "G.S." order suspending, in favor of the fast mail, the rule which requires a station operator to drop his board on a following section that is less than ten minutes behind its file-leader. "The fun is beginning," said the train-master. "Tischer has his tip from Durgan to keep Callahan's tail-lights in sight.

For the meaning of senectus see n. on 4. In De Or. 1, 132 we have modice et scienter. SICUT OMNIA: cf. Fin. 1, 7 facete is quidem sicut alia; also below, 65 sicut alia. ET FERRE ET LATURUM ESSE: Tischer rightly remarks that when a verb is repeated thus with a variation of tense Cic. very nearly always uses et ... et, and not a single et merely.

I felt as if I were living in a dream, out of which I was aroused by the announcement of my encounter with Tischer. Though he was a first-rate and vigorous fighter, he had been chosen by our chiefs for my first passage of arms because he was fairly short.

With the mail treading on their heels the gentlemen in the Naught-seven will be chary about pulling Patsy down too suddenly in mid career. They have just passed Morning Dew, and the operator reports Tischer for disregarding his slow signal." "Can't you fix that?" asked Kent. "Oh, yes; that is one of the things I can fix. But there are going to be plenty of others."

It was at this moment that the tense strain of suspense was broken in the despatcher's room on the second floor of the Union Station. The telephone skirled joyously, and the train-master snatched up the ear-piece. "What does he say?" asked Kent. "It's all right. He says Callahan is out on the Western Division, with Tischer chasing him according to programme.

He was of the generation of railway officials, happily fast passing, which cursed and swore itself into authority. "That's another five hundred dollars' forfeit to the Post-office Department! Who's taking it west?" "Tischer." "Give him orders to cut out all the stops. If he is more than fifty-five minutes late at Bighorn, he can come in and get his time."

When I reached his house, he leant out of the window with his pipe in his mouth, and greeted me with the words: 'You can go home, my lad, it is all off; Tischer is in hospital. When I got upstairs I found several 'leading men' assembled, from whom I learned that Tischer had got very drunk the night before, and had in consequence laid himself open to the most outrageous treatment by the inhabitants of a house of ill-fame.

"If Tischer is keeping close up behind, that would jeopardize more lives than Callahan's. But there is another thing that doesn't depend on nerve Patsy's or anybody's." "What is that?" "Water. The run is one hundred and eighty miles. The 1010's tank is good for one hundred with a train, or a possible hundred and sixty, light.

Tell him the time-card's changed and he is to run west with the special to Megilp as first section of the mail no stops, or Tischer will run him down. Leg it! He's half-way down the yard, now!" The train-master dropped the ear-piece of the telephone and crossed quickly to the despatcher's table. "Orders for the Western Division, Donohue," he said curtly, "and don't let the grass grow.

Tischer had just got the word to go, and was pulling out on the yard main line. "I'll catch him with the wire at yard limits," said M'Tosh. Then: "Would you mind hurrying your people a little, Major? The express is due to leave." Guilford was a heavy man for his weight, and he waddled back to the others, waving his arms as a signal for them to board the car.