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Multum lusimus in meis tabellis, Ut convenerat esse delicatos, Scribens versiculos uterque nostrum. Thus the lighter pieces of Catullus, like the dedication of his book, are addressed to men, his friends, and thus they scarcely come into the category of what we call "Society Verses."

And here the scholiast naïvely remarks: Videtur his ostendisse aliud esse fata, aliud Jovem. MacInnis, Class. Again, contrary to the Stoic creed, the poet conceives of his human characters as capable of initiating action and even of thwarting fate. The Stoic hypothesis seems to break down completely in such passages. Can we assume an Epicurean creed with better success?

Some of these contain pithy maxims of shrewd sense, e.g. "Patrem familias vendacem non emacem esse oportet." "Ita aedifices ne villa fundum quaerat, neve fundus villam." The Virgilian prescription, "Laudato ingentia rura: exiguam colito," is said to be drawn from Cato, though it does not exist in our copies. The treatment throughout is methodical.

"I must go out and see whether he has a slave behind him to whisper in his ear, Memento te hominem esse." But it would appear that his curiosity concerning the procession was short-lived, for when he reached the scene, he plunged contemptuously between the straggling columns, and gained the further curb.

I was bundled into the pinnace with old canvas, old ropes, and old blocks, condemned stores to the dock-yard, and, as I approached the landing-place appropriated for the use of admirals in posse, I saw embark from the stairs, exclusively set apart for admirals and post-captains in esse, my captain and the port-admiral in the admiral's barge, and seated between these two awful personages, there sat a civilian, smiling in all the rotundity and fat of a very pleasant countenance, and very plain clothes, and forming a striking contrast to the grim complacency, and the ironbound civility, of the two men in uniform.

His mother, too, attracted a share of his reminiscences; the old woman would soon die, and then he would have all that she had saved. Smallbones occasionally intruded himself, but that was but for a moment. And Mr Vanslyperken walked away very well satisfied, upon the whole, with his esse and posse.

Si placet audire, dicam cur hic Imperator sit appellatus Grand Can. Audieram ego in partibus Ierosolymorum hunc esse sic dictum, a filio Noe, Cham: sed in terra Cathay accepi et aliam, et meram huius rei veritatem. Nam et scribendo haec duo nomina habent differentiam, quod filius Noe Cham scribitur quatuor elementis, quorum vltimum est M. et iste Can tribus tantum, quorum vltimum est N.

That God is infinite is well known, for He is called the Infinite; and He is called the Infinite because He is infinite. He is infinite not from this alone, that He is very Esse and Existere in itself, but because in Him there are infinite things. An infinite without infinite things in it, is infinite in name only.

Cur igitur pacem nolo? Quia infida est, quia periculosa, quia esse non potest!" More moderate in form, Austria had in reality replied like England.

Viewed in the light of true philosophy, no less than of Christianity, how base and grovelling does this conception appear! The sublime description of the pagan poet becomes the fitting expression and defence of the very theory it was designed to controvert: Quis pariter coelos omneis convertere? et omneis Ignibus ætheriis terras suffire feraceis? Omnibus inque locis esse omni tempore presto?