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Quasi aquam ferventem frigidam esse, ita vos putatis leges. Cato the leader of the reform party expresses himself still more emphatically than the comedian. "Lending money at interest," he says in the preface to his treatise on agriculture, "has various advantages; but it is not honourable.

He had some tradition of the coming of the English about 450, and of the reason why they came. But his knowledge of anything previous to that event was plainly most imperfect. Germ. Gildas is, however, rather more Celtic in tone than Mommsen seems to allow. Such a phrase as ita ut non Britannia sed Romania censeretur implies a consciousness of contrast between Briton and Roman.

Edepol, quoniam, ita certe, medius fidius; a town without bells is like a blind man without a staff, an ass without a crupper, and a cow without cymbals. Therefore be assured, until you have restored them unto us, we will never leave crying after you, like a blind man that hath lost his staff, braying like an ass without a crupper, and making a noise like a cow without cymbals.

"Consul est impositus is nobis, quem nemo, praeter nos philosophos, aspicere sine suspiratu potest." Ib. i. 18. "Pompeius togulam illam pictam silentio tuetur suam." Ib. The "picta togula" means the triumphal robe which Pompey was allowed to wear. "Ceteros jam nosti; qui ita sunt stulti, ut amissa republica piscinas suas fore salvas sperare videantur." Ib. Ib., abridged.

Kane ka briew ka long kaba duk bad ka la don u tnga, te ynda la kha iwei i khun kynthei uta i tnga u la iap noh. Hamar ka por ha dang lung ita I khun ka la shitom shibún ban sumar ha ka jinglong duk jong ka. Te ynda i la nangiaid katno, ka la sngewbhá ban ioh-i ia la i khun ba i la sháit, bad ba i la nang ba'n leh kái bad ki para khynnah.

Raiere exchanged a few words with the driver of the cart, and as they continued on toward Tautira, he said to me in a very serious voice: "He is a tahua, a sorcerer, who will enact the Umuti, the walking over the fiery oven. He is from Raiatea and very noted. Ten years ago, Papa Ita of Raiatea was here, but there has been no Umuti since." "What brings him here now?" I asked. "Who pays him?"

IV. 10 Ego Q. Maximum, eum qui Tarentum recepit, senem adulescens ita dilexi, ut aequalem. Erat enim in illo viro comitate condita gravitas, nec senectus mores mutaverat. Quamquam eum colere coepi non admodum grandem natu, sed tamen iam aetate provectum.

"'Tis a very wise saying of Terence," said he, "omnibus nobis ut res dant sese; ita magni aut humiles sumus. When the King's commissioners hear of the King's navy from Spain, they are in such jollity that they talk loud. . . . In the mean time as the wife of Bath sath in Chaucer by her husband, we owe them not a word.

The contrast would certainly be more perfect if ego si were read, as has been proposed, in place of si ego. QUOD EODEM MODO ... DICI: Cic. commonly says quod ita dicendum and the like; see n. on 35 quod ni ita fuisset.

They have consumed his wealth and now conspire to abandon him. A man of double aspect, with two faces, carries swallows taking wing: "Ita falsi amici." The Prodigal reduced to poverty despised and spurned by his friends. A youth in mean attire, compelled by hunger to beg, he shades his eyes with his left hand and in his right carries a scroll: "Confusion hath covered my face. To beg I am ashamed."