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The passage from the mouth of the Rio Negro to Grand Para occupying only twenty or twenty-five days, it would not have taken us much more time to have gone down the Amazon as far as the coast of Brazil, than to return by the Cassiquiare and the Orinoco to the northern coast of Caracas.

South of the cataract of Para, at the confluence of the Caura and the Erevato, the mission of San Luis was then situated; and a road by land led thence to Angostura, the capital of the province. All these attempts at civilization have been fruitless.

I may as well mention here, that a moral and zealous priest is a great rarity in this province the only ministers of religion in the whole country who appeared sincere in their calling being the Bishop of Para and the Vicars of Ega on the Upper Amazons and Obydos. Very few of them had wooden doors and locks. Altar de Chao was originally a settlement of the aborigines, and was called Burari.

He it was who, for purposes of his ablutions, created a deep river that can with difficulty be forded, and which sacred stream is known by the name of the Kausiki. It was Viswamitra who, on returning after the famine was over, changed the name of the stream having his asylum from Kausik into Para.

Wallace's previous vivid imaginings of what life in the tropics would mean, so far as the surpassing beauty of nature was concerned, were not immediately fulfilled. As a starting-point, however, Para had many advantages.

BRUNO. ¡Qué! ¿No la lee usted? DON PEDRO. ¿Para qué? Si ya , poco más o menos, lo que dirá ... que las ... lamentaciones ... como si uno pudiera remediar el que Matilde no le haya querido al cabo. BRUNO. Y vea usted, cualquiera hubiera dicho al principio que....

This is used as a preparatory school to the Lyceum and Bishop's seminary, well-endowed institutions at Para, whither it is the ambition of traders and planters to send their sons to finish their studies. The rudiments of education only are taught in the primary schools, and it is surprising how quickly and well the little lads, both coloured and white, learn reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Then he went on thus: "Without compelling you to entreat me, without making you blush for it, and without giving you so much as a French centime, a para from the Levant, a German heller, a Russian kopeck, a Scottish farthing, a single obolus or sestertius from the ancient world, or one piastre from the new, without offering you anything whatever in gold, silver, or copper, notes or drafts, I will make you richer, more powerful, and of more consequence than a constitutional king."

On boarding, we found her to be the Gran Para, containing with the others a division of several thousand troops, destined to maintain Portuguese authority in the province of Maranham as, indeed, I had been informed at Bahia.

He has a smiling face, with his head reclined always on one side from his habit of incessant importunities; of course, he has not a para in his pocket. But, nevertheless, he managed a few months ago to ally himself with the family of a rich merchant, marrying the sister of my friend Mohammed Kafah, one of the Ghatee millionnaires.