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Before he realized how useless it was to battle against these invisible forces, he was in Milan, booking for Como. It had all the characteristics of a tug-of-war, and irresistibly he was drawn over the line. The night before he had taken the evening boat across the lake. And Herr Rosen had been his fellow-passenger! The goddess of chance threw whimsical coils around her victims.

A few days afterwards, the emperor went on to the ducal villa at Meda, near Como, where Lodovico met him with the Cardinal di Santa Croce and Foscari, and conducted him, on the 2nd of September, to see Duchess Beatrice at Vigevano.

The town of Como, however, now belonged to the Duke of Milan, and formed an excellent basis for operations against the pirate. Overmatched, with an exhausted treasury and broken forces, Il Medeghino was at last compelled to give in. Yet he retired with all the honours of war.

DON PEDRO. No te lo parece a ti ahora, que te sientas, por ejemplo, a la mesa, y si hay tortilla comes tortilla, sin informarte siquiera de a cómo va la docena de huevos; pero cuando seas ama de casa y veas volver a Toribio con la esportilla vacía, porque tu marido no dejó una blanca con que llenarla, ya verás entonces si se te cae la baba por la gracia.

I took the gold, slipped it with an indifferent air into my waistcoat pocket, and then refolded my arms across my breast. "Papa," said Sophonisba, in a very audible whisper, "Mr. Robinson went for you to Como. Indeed, I believe he says he went to Milan." "Do not let that be mentioned," said I. "By all means pay him his expenses," said Mrs. Greene; "I would not owe him anything for worlds."

My master was John Freeman and his wife's name was Fannie. I went to Como, Mississippi twice a week to get the mail all durin the war. It was eight miles. I rode a pony. If you go to church you have to have a pass from the master. The pattyrollers see you and you have to show it to them. It was just a note. If you didn't have it they take or send you home.

Since then I had not again thought of the matter; but now I sought out the thick stem once more, and thought I ought to have written a poem on it, began to compose verses, and murmured: A saudade no coração mi e doce como o teu bejo then I stood a long time with my head down, trying to formulate the following verses; and finally I added: vivrei d'esta consolacão, de ti, e se nunca te vejo!

She desired once more to see the places which recalled the pleasantest memories of her first journey: the lake of Como, with the Villa Julia and Pliny's house; the Lago Maggiore and Borromean Islands; the palaces of the Isola Bella and the Isola Madre; all the enchanting spots which recalled the gracious memories of youth and love.

Then, promising to return in time to meet Virgilio Poggi, who would cross the lake for tea, the two men sauntered beside Como and exchanged experiences. The interview proved painful to the younger, for he found that Peter's doubts were cleared in certain directions. Brendon, indeed, led up to his own chastening very directly.

The Spaniards adopted the second course, and Il Medeghino, judging that the cause of the Sforza family was desperate, determined in 1528 to attach himself to the Empire. Charles V. invested him with the Castle of Musso and the larger part of Como Lake, including the town of Lecco.

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