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Services provided by the VA health care system will be further targeted to the special needs of disabled veterans during the coming year. Third, the VA health care system, the largest in the free world, has maintained its independence and high quality during my Administration.

Take all provisions, forage, and stock wanted for the use of your command. Such as cannot be consumed, destroy. "HEADQUARTERS MIDDLE MILITARY DIVISION, "Cedar Creek, Va., August 16, 1864.

By R. Mifflin, Prop'r. Star Job Print, Celeryville, Va. While I was chuckling over this, he had raised a similar flap on the other side of the Parnassus which revealed still more shelves loaded with books. I'm afraid I am severely practical by nature. "Well!" I said, "I should think you would need a pretty stout steed to lug that load along. It must weigh more than a coal wagon."

In answer, the following telegram was sent him: "CITY POINT, VA., February 25, 1865. "GENERAL: Sherman's movements will depend on the amount of opposition he meets with from the enemy. If strongly opposed, he may possibly have to fall back to Georgetown, S. C., and fit out for a new start. I think, however, all danger for the necessity of going to that point has passed.

About the 14th of February, a detail was made of twenty-five men from Company F and twenty-five men from Company K, under command of Captain Grigg and Lieutenant Shepherd, to help move the Federal prisoners from Richmond, Va., to Andersonville, Ga. We were on this service until 26th of March. These prisoners were in a pitiable plight and infected with small-pox.

I again heartily commend to your favorable consideration the tercentennial celebration at Jamestown, Va. Appreciating the desirability of this commemoration, the Congress passed an act, March 3, 1905, authorizing in the year 1907, on and near the waters of Hampton Roads, in the State of Virginia, an international naval, marine, and military celebration in honor of this event.

I can get Gaspare to put me ashore. You had better be off." "Va bene, Signore," he replied, looking disappointed. The Signora of the Casa del Mare was always very hospitable to such fishermen as she knew. Giovanni wanted to seek out Gaspare, to have a cigarette. But he obediently jumped into the boat and rowed off into the darkness, while Artois went up the steps towards the house.

And, though she may not talk much about suffering and self-denial, her silence on that topic may be accounted for on the principle ça va sans dire.

But instead of this a wonderful smile lighted it, and her sweet and resonant voice sounded clear through the hall. "'Ah, now Seigneur, I know you for a good and true man! You speak as did my voices when first I heard them. "Jeanne, sois bonne et sage enfant; va souvent a l'eglise"; that was their first message to me, when I was but a child; and now you say the same to me be a good girl.

Tell"...he sank back, but raised himself, and continued: "Tell my Babette I weep with her.... Ah, mon grand homme de Calvaire bon soir!" He sank back again, but I roused him with one question more, vital to me. I must have the countersign. "Labrouk! Labrouk!" said I sharply. He opened his dull, glazed eyes. "Qui va la?" said I, and I waited anxiously.