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"Mon enfant," said the old man, unfolding the document, "in a previous will your aunt had left you a little heritage out of the half of her fortune which she was free to dispose of by the code. You having come into possession of your own money, she has revoked that will and left everything to her only surviving son, Gaspard Morin, in Madagascar." "It is only just and right," said Jeanne.

There were only two carriages before the door, Mr. Washburn's and Auber's. Mr. Washburn took charge of the now very sleepy Delsarte, who declaimed a sepulchral bonsoir and disappeared, his redingote waving in the air. The maitre took the cher enfant, or rather the cher enfant led the maitre out of the salon. The family retired to rest.

Say the one word to him, 'Enfant'; he will reply, 'De roi! Give him the child, and may Heaven bless you all for the help you have given me this night!" "But you, Blakeney?" reiterated Tony with a note of deep anxiety in his fresh young voice. "I am straight for Paris," he said quietly. "Impossible!" "Therefore feasible." "But why? Percy, in the name of Heaven, do you realise what you are doing?"

I was for her, as she expressed it in her broken French, 'oun Rousso, boun enfant, and nothing more. But I ... I could not live where she was not living; I tore myself away once for all from everything dear to me, from my country even, and followed that woman. You will suppose, perhaps, that she had brains. Not in the least!

You are still too young to marry, mon enfant, but you are so precocious and Miss Schuyler is so charming if you will marry at your absurd age, you could not do better; for you'll get fine parents as well as a wife, and I've never known a youth more in need of an entire family." Hamilton laughed. "If I accumulate any more parents," he said, "I shall share the fate of the cat.

He is rather old for an enfant terrible, and quite too young to have grown into the bashfulness of adolescence; but he has some of the qualities of both these engaging periods of development, The member of the Haouse calls him "Bub," invariably, such term I take to be an abbreviation of "Beelzeb," as "bus" is the short form of "omnibus."

"Cours, mon enfant, run, see if he descends or if he pushes on; tell him I am Madame Poulard!" This, a low command murmured between a hundred orders, still in the minor key, would be purred to Clementine, a peasant in a cap, exceeding fleet of foot, and skilled in the capture of wandering sheep.

"You must go, ma petite," she said; "Madame is waiting, and I came to fetch you." She walked to the door, and then turned round suddenly. "Ecoutez, mon enfant," she said, placing her two hands on Madelon's shoulders, and looking down into her face, "you will not forget me? I I should not like to think you will go away, and forget me."

"What, not upon thy neighbour at Dawston Devilstone how d'ye call the place?" "Thou'rt an honest fellow," said the lawyer; "get thee to bed. Thou wilt sleep sounder, I warrant thee, than many a man that throws off an embroidered coat, and puts on a laced nightcap. Colonel, I see you are busy with our Enfant trouve.

A man gets on by a spring in his own mechanism, and he should always keep it wound up. Rameau will make a figure. I used to pity him; I begin to respect. Nothing succeeds like success. But I see I am spoiling your morning. Au revoir, mon enfant." Left alone, Isaura brooded in a sort of mournful wonderment over the words referring to herself in Graham's letter.