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"Old Uncle Peter sung both de legs out of dat oldest cheer, last week," suggested Mose. "You go long! I'll boun' you pulled 'em out; some o' your shines," said Aunt Chloe. "Well, it'll stand, if it only keeps jam up agin de wall!" said Mose. "Den Uncle Peter mus'n't sit in it, cause he al'ays hitches when he gets a singing. He hitched pretty nigh across de room, t' other night," said Pete.

Instead it will make him sure that we're demons who spared them in order that they might carry a warning to their comrades." "I see it, Henry. It's boun' to be the way you say it is, an' our luck is still workin' fur us." They saw the English lad and the warrior turn back toward the camp, and then they rose, going away swiftly at a right angle from their original course.

But what capped all were t' clothes he was donned in; they were covered wi' green moss, an' on his heead was a cap o' red fur. "Well, when Doed saw him, he was a bit flaid, but t' lad looked at him friendly-like and says: "'Now then, Doed, wheer ista boun'? "'I's boun' home, says Doed, an' his teeth started ditherin' wi' freet.

While the fleet was here, it appeared that the Orkney contingent of ships which Hakon had commanded to join him, were not "boun" or ready for sea, and Jarl Magnus accordingly "stayed behind" with his people in Orkney under orders to follow the main fleet. On St.

For sure he's goin' for be draw into de culbute an' get drown' dead, if I'll not be able for scoop him when he's go by my platform. I'll want for laugh, but I'll be too much scare. "Well, M'sieu, I'll pick up my fader's scoop and I'll stand out on de edge of de platform. De water is run so fast, I'm mos' 'fraid de old man is boun' for pull me in when I'll scoop him.

Ef we believes we'se preshus in his sight, an' de Bible sez we is, we'll hev no occashun fer gettin discouraged, fer de dear Lord's boun ter do de best fer his loved ones. Ef we'se keepin' company wid Jesus we'se no call ter want de worl's invitashuns, an ef we'se hidden away in Christ's heart dere's no need fer us ter be frettin' about de little worriments of earth.

Bainrofe he cum out, hearin' de talk, in dat long-tailed, satin-flowered gownd ob his'n, wid a silk rope tied roun' his waist, an' gole tossels hangin' in front, jes' like a Catholic Roman or a king, an' he sez, 'Walk in here, my fren, an' don't tamper wid my servants dat ain't gentlem'ly; den he puts his han' on de ossifer's shoulder, an' dey walked in together, an' I listened at de do', in duty boun', an' I heerd him say, 'Plant a guard if you choose do wateber you like but, till dat writ am rectified, you can't sarch through my house, for a man's house is his castle here, as in de Great Britain, till de law reaches out a long arm an' a strong arm. Dat was wat Mr.

I boun' dey holds a confab and says: 'Le's make Mars William Pemberton er judge, and dat'll settle it. Does you have to go way down to dem Fillypines, Mars William, or kin you judge 'em from here?" "I'd have to live there most of the time, of course," said Billy. "I wonder what de Gubnor gwine say 'bout dat," speculated Jeff. Billy wondered too.

We boun' to get what's coming to us anyway, so you might jus' as well make 'em think you ain't 'fraid of 'em. Grown folks got to all time think little boys and girls 'r' skeered of 'em, anyhow." "Aunt Minerva'll sho' put me to bed this time," said Billy. "Look like ev'y day I gotter go to bed." "Mother will make me study the catechism all day to-morrow," said Lina dismally.

But one of the merchants said: "Master Clement, if this young knight is boun for Utterbol, he beareth his life in his hand, as thou knowest full well.