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Z. 314: also Rit. and Doed. in loc. In quibusdam fluminum. Rivers with steep banks require the oars to be removed in order to approach the bank. Est honos. Contrary to the usual fact in Germany, cf. 5. Exceptionibus. Limitations. Jam. Now, i.e. here, opposed to the foregoing accounts of free states and limited monarchies. Precario. Properly: obtained by entreaty.

When Melsh Dick heerd him say that he'd coom wi' him, his een fair glistened, an' he set off through t' wood wi' lile Doed followin' efter him. T' wood was full of gert oak-trees, wi' birks set amang 'em that had just begun to turn colour.

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Supply sunt with pacti. Doed. and Wr. supply essent; but they read haec for et before seditio contrary to the best MSS. Et seditio. Et==and so. Al. haec seditio. Stetit. Not stopped, but stood, as in our phrase: stood them in so much. So Ovid: Multo sanguine victoria stetit. And T. His. 3, 53: Majore damno veteres civium discordias reipublicae stetisse. Render: cost no blood. Dr. Petulantia.

"When Melsh Dick heard that for o' course t' lad was Melsh Dick hissen he said that if Doed would coom wi' him, he'd sooin gie him what he wanted. He'd bin climmin' t' trees an' had catched a squirrel an' putten it i' t' basket he'd browt his dinner in. "Well, lile Doed hardlins knew what to do. 'Twere gettin' lat, an' there were summat about t' lad that set him agin him.

It has been made a question, whether the granaries of the Britons, or those of the Romans are here meant. Doed., Dr. and R. advocate the former opinion; Walch, Wr., Or., and Rit. the latter. The selling at a fixed price is equally intelligible on either supposition. Or. following the best MSS. reads ludere pretio, which Rit. has amended into colludere pretio.

An' t' faster he played t' faster lowped t' squirrels. You see, they were foorced to keep time wi' t' whistle. At lang length t' tune gat to be nobbut a shrike an' a skreel. Doed had niver heerd sike-like afore; 'twere as though all t' devils i' hell had gotten lowse an' were yammerin' through t' sky wi' a strang wind drivin' 'em forrard. Eh!

T' squirrels started spittin' an' sweerin' like mad, t' ullets yammered an' t' wind yowled, an' there was all maks an' manders o' noises owerheead. Then, efter a minute, t' mooin gat clear o' t' thunner-pack, an' Doed glowered around. But there was nowt to be seen nowheer.

T' sky had bin owercussen wi' hen-scrattins an' filly-tails, but when they gat to t' dub t' wind had skifted 'em, an' t' mooin were shinin' ower Pendle Hill way an' leetin' up t' trees and makkin' t' watter glisten like silver. Lile Doed were that fain he started clappin' his hands an' well-nigh forgat all about Melsh Dick an' t' squirrel.

But the confederacy was soon dissolved and seldom appears in subsequent history. We still have a trace of their name in the Modern Suabia. Schweben, to wave, to hover, cf. Caes. See Rup. in loc. Adhuc. Cf. note on it, 19. As to position, cf. insuper 31, and 34. Cf. Hand's Tursellinus, 1, 163. Doed. renders besides, sc. the general designation of Suevi. In commune. In common.