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The Vandals, now so familiar in history. Additum, sc. esse, depending on affirmant. Nunc Tungri, sc. vocentur, cf. His. 4, 15, 16. In confirmation of the historical accuracy of this passage, Gr. remarks, that Caes. Ita vocarentur. Locus vexatissimus! exclaim all the critics. And so they set themselves to amend the text by conjecture. Some have written in nomen gentis instead of non gentis.

"It means," said the Captain, now taking part in the discussion, "that the half of v prime squared minus v squared equals gr multiplied by r over x minus one plus m prime over m multiplied by r over d minus x minus r over d minus r ... that is " "That is," interrupted Ardan, in a roar of laughter, "x stradlegs on y, making for z and jumping over p!

And, indeed, I am obliged to be very careful, more so than at any time; and here, in the North Hebrides, I never know what may happen, though of course in many places they know me. 'We are now at our maximum point of dispersion: Brooke at Anudha, J. Atkin at or near San Cristoval, Gr.

In fine, he collected, when in prison, the materials of his Apology . Pref. Ep. 126. Ep. 23. p. 761. Ep. 132. Ep. 133. Mem. Litt. de la Gr. Bretagne, t. xi. p. 66. Ep. 144.

"Upon this yo^r Gr. was pleased to aske what I thought of it. I answered these were busynesses which I had little looked into. But I did not believe the touch of his hand, or any mans els could produce such effects.

Lastly, a length of about one-eighth of an inch of a sub-petiole, was lightly rubbed with the same twig only once; it became slightly curved in 3 hrs., remaining so during 11 hrs., but by the next morning was quite straight. The following observations are more precise. After trying heavier pieces of string and thread, I placed a loop of fine string, weighing 1.04 gr.

"Your Lordship is right," said John Mangles, "and besides, we're all familiar with the language." "Very well, then, I'll set to work." In a few minutes he had written as follows: 7 Juin 1862 trois-mats Britannia Glasgow sombre gonie austral a terre deux matelots capitaine Gr abor contin pr cruel indi jete ce document de longitude et 37 degrees 11" de latitude Portez-leur secours perdus.

Bib. Gr. lib. 3. c. 18. XIII. These grave and profound studies did not hinder Grotius from cultivating Poetry. He had made some verses in his childhood which were thought very pretty: he continued this manner of writing in the midst of his greatest occupations, and with such success, that he was looked on as one of the best Poets in Europe.

Give th' names iv Dorsey an' Flannagan, an' if th' English ambassadure goes by get down on ye'er ban's an' knees an' don't make a sign till he's out iv sight, he says. 'Th' stout party in blue near by'll be Mark Hanna. He may be able to arrange a raypublican meetin' f'r ye to addhress, he says. 'The gr- reat hear-rt iv th' raypublican party throbs f'r ye. So does Mack's, he says.

The solution, when properly diluted, has sp. gr. about 1.06 at 60° F. It is best to work the bath with a weak current for a short time until the liquid yields a fine white deposit. Too strong a current must be avoided. If the copper has not been removed, it will deposit on the anodes when the bath is at rest. It should then be removed by scouring.