In 1816 the population was estimated at 450,000; between 1819 and 1829 Canada received 126,000 immigrants from England, and during the next ten years 320,000. The result was that the French element ceased to be preponderant, except in Lower Canada.

The girls met, first at one house and then at another, to preserve their tomatoes, and soon they began to preserve many other vegetables and fruits. Two girls in Tennessee are said to have preserved 126 different varieties of food. Some of these clubs have gained more than a local reputation for their products and have been able to sell their whole output to hotels or to institutions.

I had only learnt this on arrival at Gondokoro; thus when corn was so scarce that the rations were reduced, while those of meat were increased, we had an addition of 126 mouths! The policy of the slave-traders was identical with the feelings of the officers and men, all of whom wished to abandon the expedition and return to Khartoum. Abou Saood worked molelike in his intrigues.

CALCULATING PRESSURES FROM SPEED. The following table will give the pressures from 5 to 100 miles per hour: Velocity of wind in Pressure Velocity of wind in Pressure miles per hour per sq. ft. miles per hour per sq ft 5 .112 55 15.125 10 .500 60 18.000 15 1.125 65 21.125 20 2.000 70 22.500 25 3.125 75 28.125 30 4.600 80 32.000 35 6.126 86 36.126 40 8.000 90 40.500 45 10.125 95 45.125 50 12.5 100 50.000

Mexico or New Spain : 75,830 : 6,800,000. Guatemala : 16,740 : 1,600,000. Cuba and Porto Rico : 4,430 : 800,000. Columbia Venezuela : 33,700 : 785,000. Columbia New Grenada and Quito : 58,250 : 2,000,000. Peru : 41,420 : 1,400,000. Chili : 14,240 : 1,100,000. Buenos Ayres : 126,770 : 2,300,000.

We were then, as far as the victuals went, 126 mouths; as combatants we numbered 1,040 gallant men, with 12 guns and a fort, against Holkar and his 12,000. No such alarming odds, if IF! ay, there was the rub IF we had SHOT, as well as powder for our guns; IF we had not only MEN but MEAT. Of the former commodity we had only three rounds for each piece.

Clavigero, Hist. of Mexico. "The Smith's Bridge;" or Pant y Go, "The Smith's Valley." Perhaps a Smith dwelt by the Side of a River, or near a Bridge. Dr. Robertson says, History of America, Vol. II. p. 126, that the Indians were very ignorant of the use of Metals; Artificers in Metals were scarce, and on that account a Name might be given to a Bridge or Valley where one dwelt.

In 1890 there were 17,760, of which there were 13,164 weeklies, 2,191 monthlies, 1,626 dailies, 280 semi-monthlies, 217 semi-weeklies, 126 quarterlies, 82 bi-weeklies, 38 bi-monthlies, and 36 tri-weeklies.

Conklin, The Direction of Human Evolution, pp. 125, 126. The Glands Regulating Personality: A study of the glands of internal secretion in relation to the types of human nature. By Louis Berman, M. D., Associate in Biological Chemistry, Columbia University; Physician to the Special Health Clinic. Lenox Hill Hospital. New York: 1921. Cf Terman: Intelligence of School Children. New York 1919. p. 56.

At Jacobabad, India, the greatest heat recorded is 126 degrees, and at Kashan, in Persia, a month August averaged 127 degrees, supposed to be the hottest place on earth. Above the Needles begins or ends the very wonderful Grand Cañon, extending north for 270 miles, its depth in places being as much as 6000 feet, and that at certain points almost precipitously.