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I have roughly estimated the total value of the coffee annually produced in Mysore at £870,000, and if, for the sake of even numbers, we knock off £70,000, a 7 per cent. export duty on this will amount to £56,000, and if the Government could raise, as it proposes, the rupee to 1s. 6d., £168,000 a year would be the price that the measure would entail on a portion of the inhabitants of the native state of Mysore on this single article of export.

"Having dispatched the man Dudley on his mission, with many bows and much esteem for his high consideration of my position, and acting on the intimation from Pierce, I packed up my portfolio, and in a Hansom cab made the best of my way to 56, Harley street, a large mansion, in one of the back rooms of which they said my esteemed friend James Buckhanan had for some time past been burrowed.

This compromise was tolerable from his point of view, because there were no side effects like he experienced from his tranquilizers. It is very rare for a mentally ill person who has spent more than a few months in a mental hospital to ever usefully return to society because they find "mental illness" too rewarding. My Own 56 Day Long Fast

When I did my own 42 day water fast followed by two weeks on carrot juice diluted 50/50 with water, which really amounted to 56 consecutive days, my predominant sensation for the first three days was a desire to eat that was mostly a mental condition, and a lot of rumbling and growling from my stomach. This is not real hunger, just the sounds the stomach likes to make when it is shrinking.

Perhaps the fullest account of the country yet given is that contained in "The Narrative of a Residence of Six Years on the Western Slopes of the Rocky Mountains," by Ross Cox, one of the earliest explorers of British North America. He says, "The district of New Caledonia extends from 51 degrees 30 minutes north latitude to about 56 degrees. Its extreme western boundary is 124 degrees 10 minutes.

The Lutzow and the Pommern were sunk; the battleship Konig was so battered that her forecastle was only 61/2 feet above water when she struggled into port; and the Seydlitz and the Derfflinger were in little better case. At 5.56 Beatty sighted Jellicoe's battleships at five miles' distance on his port bow.

Let us see what this would be with the Charlestown number of men, $29,625,56, over two times the comparative gain at Charlestown, a very large margin to be accounted for in our withholding. Certainly we can not afford to boast very loudly over these figures, but should rather blush.

Despite the alarming nature of this incident, and the interference of a cloud that sought to neutralise the sun, our persevering traveller completed his observations, and proved the luckless spot to be situated in 56 degrees north latitude.

The sea mouth of the Murray, famous for the tragical events that have occurred near it, and which give a melancholy interest to the spot, is in long. 138 degrees 56 minutes and in lat. 35 degrees 32 minutes. No one could, I am sure, look on the foaming waters of that wild line of sand-hills through which it has forced a channel, without deep feelings of awe and emotion.

A twenty-five bushel crop of wheat also takes 48 pounds of nitrogen from the soil, 36 pounds in the grain and 12 in the straw. "These amounts will vary to some extent with the quality of the crops, just as the weight of a bushel of wheat varies from perhaps 56 to 64 pounds, although as an average wheat weighs 60 pounds to the bushel." "You surely remember figures well," remarked Mr.