Helen, without looking toward Howard, followed, determined that she would hear whatever it was that Sanchia Murray had to say. 'Come in, Howard, Longstreet remembered to say. 'We're having supper. Both you and Mrs. Murray will eat with us. Sanchia bathed her eyes and they all sat down. When Howard looked toward Helen she ignored him.

Its waters were so extremely muddy, and its current so rapid, that it must have been swollen by some late rains. Perhaps, it had its sources in the hills we had seen; be that as it may, it completely discoloured the waters of the Murray. We made it a point never to distribute any presents among the natives until we had made them all sit, or stand, in a row.

As I asked myself this question, with an unerring premonition that the time would soon come when my mother and I would be separated, I heard her tapping lightly at the door. She was not in the habit of leaving her guests, and I was surprised and perplexed at seeing her. "Your father and Mrs. Murray are having a game of chess," she said, answering my look of astonishment.

Hume, was not, on this occasion, able to accompany the party, his own affairs on his farm needing his attention; doubtless in spirit he was often with them, and it would have been but fitting had the discoverer of the Murray or Hume, been one of the party to first trace its downward course.

Murray, as the only way of returning the attentions he had received from Counsellor McMahon, took him, his wife, and daughters, a trip on board the Stella, their cruise being along the Wicklow coast, and highly delighted the young ladies were, though the counsellor acknowledged that he was much happier when the Stella brought up in Kingstown Harbour, and he found himself at the dinner table in the comfortable cabin at perfect rest.

The provisional Governor at once rescinded the edict of Governor Murray, prohibited the assembling of his convention, and shortly after called, one himself, the delegates to which were to b chosen by voters who could take the amnesty-oath.

They seem to have overlooked the entrance to Port Phillip a discovery effected by Murray in 1801, but not made public till three years later and failed to notice the outlet of the chief Australian river, which is obscured by a shallow lake.

The captain's stout hand was in his collar now and he heard him crying: "Pull, you muscle-bound heathens! Everybody sit still! Now away with her, men. Keep up your heart, Murray, my boy; remember it takes more than water to kill a good Irishman. It's only a foot or two farther, and they've started a fire. Serves you right, you big idiot, for going overboard, with all those boats.

On the 26th of January, 1780, Haldimand wrote to Nairne at Murray Bay that he was to erect buildings for rebel and other prisoners, and that, to do the work, some men were being sent down; he was to employ in addition as many of the inhabitants as he might think necessary. Nairne stayed on at Murray Bay in 1780 much longer than the two months for which he had originally asked.

John H. Sherwood of this city, which are among the first, if not the first erected in New York, as an elegant, substantial and attractive addition to three very superb palatial residences on Murray Hill, near 5th Avenue.