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I do not mean, of course, that those old heathens understood all this clearly. You will see, by the latter part of my sermon, why they could not understand it clearly.

I placed my pouch before him. He filled up absent-mindedly. "How about the others? Did you get those home? I don't remember " "That's the queer part of the story. I had three others. Perfectly fresh eggs. Well, we put 'em in the boat, and then I went up to the tent to make some coffee, leaving my two heathens down by the beach the one fooling about with his sting and the other helping him.

The Deists were perfectly hated by Cromwell, because he had no hold of enthusiasm by which he could govern or overreach them; he therefore treated them with great rigor and disdain, and usually denominated them the heathens.

But a great surprise lay in store for the Saint; for it would have been easier for him to convert a thousand heathens than to quiet the little unruly fellow, who commenced kicking and wriggling, and made such a terrible outcry that the angels fluttered away in consternation. There stood the Saint with the child in his arms, and did not know what to do!

Well, he has come around to our point of view. He told me so himself." "But what is our point of view, Nell?" her husband asked, with a smile. "Isn't it a good deal like Professor Bridges', only we're not quite so learned? We're just ordinary heathens, as far as I can make out. If Hodder has our point of view, he ought to go into the law or a trust company."

"I will not say thou art in the wrong, but if the excellent Dudley erred, it is a strange departure from his ordinary admirable judgment." "I pray thee to understand that I impugn not the action of the judicious Deputy Governor; but wherefore gave you not you who are so well acquainted with the nature of these heathens advice to stop them for the present?" "And how know you I gave it not?

And thus the lotus-flower must still retain its meaning, as long as its species exists on earth. 'Idolatry! answered she, with a smile. 'My pupil must not repeat to me that worn-out Christian calumny. Into whatsoever low superstitions the pious vulgar may have fallen, it is the Christians now, and not the heathens, who are idolaters.

"Rather call these heathens, that lie a praying to the sea. Nearer God's throne than these St. Peter sitteth; and if I pray to him, it's odd, but I shall be drowned ere he has time to plead my cause with God. Oh! oh! oh! I must need go straight to Him that made the sea, and the saints, and me. Our Father which art in heaven, save these poor souls and me that cry for the bare life!

It's a funeral, and that's the way these here heathens show how sorry they are." "Silence there, my lads," said the lieutenant. "Keep a sharp look-out." "Ay, ay, sir." Just at that moment, as the lit-up boat glided along about a couple of hundred yards from us, where we sailed gently up-stream, there was a faint rustling forward, and Tom Jecks' gruff voice whispered "What is it, messmate?"

Accordingly, during divine service, many of them behaved in a manner, otherwise unaccountable, and precisely similar to their behaviour as heathens. They pretended to be wrought up to madness by the preaching which they heard. They rolled their eyes; foamed at the mouth; fell down in fits; and so were carried home.

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