As to Miss Felicia she had already dismissed the young man from her mind. When it did arrive there was a slight flutter of interest, but nothing more; Miss Felicia laying down her book, Ruth asking in indifferent tones even before the despatch was opened "Is he coming?" and Morris, who was playing chess with Peter, holding his pawn in mid-air until the interruption was over.

Therefore, those who move a king, as in the game of chess, one square at a time and no more, were particularly cautious as to the 'way' in which they moved him. He had shown himself difficult to manage once or twice; and interested persons could not pursue their usual course of self-aggrandisement with him, as he was not susceptible to flattery.

A few choice paintings and lithographs adorned the walls, and on the centre-table rested a stereoscope with a large collection of photographic views, and an unfinished game of chess, from which Captain and Madame Sutkovoi had risen at our entrance. After a pleasant visit of an hour we took our leave, receiving an invitation to dinner on the following day.

'I merely beat two games out of three, and we had not time for another. Rowland had been, according to promise, to dine and play chess with Mr Gwynne; Miss Gwynne had dined with them, but had left them after dinner to follow their own devices, whilst she had followed hers, and did not reappear during the evening.

"There's still time," said George, "and as there's only one man here against us now I mean Hare we can seize him, tie him to something, and then escape into the darkness." "So we can, my boy," replied Watson, who was thinking as deeply and as calmly as if a game of chess, rather than a matter of life and death, were the issue. "There's no trouble as to our escaping. But remember this.

He himself sat all day in the sunshine, studying the week's Paris newspapers with dim, kindly eyes, or played interminable chess games with his wife on the flower terrace. She was sixty; he had passed threescore and ten. They never strayed far from each other. It had always been so from the first, and the first was when Helen Bruce, of New York City, married Georges Vicomte de Morteyn.

That was a terrifying time until Bele brought a doctor from the village. He was a good little doctor, round faced and pink cheeked, quite the youngest thing, save Bele, that Felicia had seen in many years. And he pulled the Major back to something like life a something that played chess very slowly and sometimes called Felicia Octavia and sometimes querulously murmured,

"Come along, then, Nell. You two may sing hymns, if you like." "I wish you could sing, Sholto," said Marian. "It is an age since we last had a game of chess together. Do you still play?" "Yes," said Douglas; "I shall be delighted. But I fear you will beat me now, as I suppose you have been practising with Mr. Conolly." "Playing with Ned! No: he hates chess.

Trithemius, by his good management and regularity, introduced a reform in every branch of expenditure. The monastery was repaired, and a yearly surplus, instead of a deficiency, rewarded him for his pains. He did not like to see the monks idle, or occupied solely between prayers for their business, and chess for their relaxation.

"I found him out. And he's not to be compared with Tommy-boy." "I quite agree with you that is, considering Tom as a brother," observed Ruth, and after that refused to be led into further discussion regarding Chess Copley. It was not often that Ruth and Helen had a disagreement. And this was not really of importance. At least, there was no sign of contention between them in the morning.