She was a woman who liked to domineer and feel her power, and as she looked at Sara's pale little steadfast face and heard her proud little voice, she quite felt as if her might was being set at naught. "Don't put on grand airs," she said. "The time for that sort of thing is past. You are not a princess any longer. Your carriage and your pony will be sent away your maid will be dismissed.

On his way home, finding that he must land and proceed part of the way overland, he dismissed all his suite but a few attendants, fearing to be recognized and detained.

That is the end of the matter." With a graceful gesture Longorio dismissed the subject. "Is it to be my pleasure," he next inquired, "to meet Señor Austin, your husband?" "I am afraid not." "Too bad. I had hoped to know him and convince him that we Federales are not such a bad people as he seems to think.

But, after Lady Verinder had dismissed the police-officer, and had stopped all further inquiry into the loss of the Diamond, no one else could presume to stir in the matter. The Indians were free to go to London, and to London they went. What was the next news we heard of them, Mr. Bruff?" "They were annoying Mr. Luker," I answered, "by loitering about the house at Lambeth."

As he looked at her sweet face, a thrill ran through him at the purity of her beauty so great a contrast to that of the woman he had just dismissed that he loathed the very thought of ever having touched her hand. In that moment, the love he bore Constance welled up passionately in his heart, refusing to be suppressed, and again he tore off the velvet mask.

Honora turned to his man, and dismissed him. "I wish to speak to Mr. Chiltern alone." Chiltern paused in his tugging at the straps, and looked up at her. "What's the matter with you to-day, Honora?" he asked. "You looked like the chief mourner at a funeral all through lunch." He was a little on edge, that she knew.

Alas, Darnley, I fear our lives will end by paying the price of your folly." Thus she played upon his terrors, so that he would not be dismissed until she had promised that she would consider and seek some means of saving him, enjoining him meanwhile to keep strict watch upon himself and see that he betrayed nothing of his thoughts.

Eric just glanced round and moved slightly; he might have gone away, but that he caught a satirical look in Wildney's eye, and besides wanted to show off a little indifference to his old master, with whom he had had no intercourse since their last-mentioned conversation. "Williams, go away instantly; what do you mean by staying after I have dismissed you?" said Mr. Rose sternly.

Had the Big Doctor told her something David did not hear? But no! I dismissed the thought Mother Bab could not go blind! She would never be asked to suffer that! I soon forgot my troublesome thoughts as she hastened to say that perhaps her eyes would improve more quickly than the doctor promised. Then she changed the subject "Now, Phœbe, I hope I didn't hurt you about the dress.

Yuan was dead, and his successor in the Presidency, Li Yuan Hung, was a genuine constitutionalist. He reassembled the Parliament which Yuan had dismissed, and the work of drafting a permanent constitution was resumed. The President was opposed to severing diplomatic relations, and, of course, still more to declaring war.