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Well, that gal I was one of the mourners, being my wife's friend well, that gal, though I hedn't, perhaps, oughter say lying in that casket, fetched all the way from some A1 establishment in Chicago, filled with flowers and furbelows didn't really seem to be of much account. Well, although my wife's friend, and me a mourner well, now, I was disappointed and discouraged."

But what Gilgamesh is not permitted to hear, the mourner is told. A description is given him of how the dead fare in Aralû. The problem, however, is somewhat different in the story of the descent of Ishtar, from the one propounded in the twelfth tablet of the Gilgamesh epic. The question uppermost in the mind of the mourner is "Will the dead return?"

The count little expected then that he would be prevented from taking the part of chief mourner at the funeral which took place Sept. 1, 1883, at Göritz, when the king, who had never reigned, was laid beside Charles X., his grandfather. We may best conclude this account of the Comte de Chambord with some touching words which he addressed to his disappointed supporters in 1875:

The body of Henry Wilton was committed to the vault with the single mourner looking on, and we drove rapidly back in the failing light. I had given my address at the undertaker's shop, and the hack stopped in front of my house of mystery before I knew where we were.

Also, like all the rest, he went away at once from the cemetery, and after him, quietly and unobtrusively, went a certain sharp-eyed person who had also been present, not as a mourner, but in the character of a casual stroller about the tombs and monuments, attracted for the moment by the imposing cortège which had followed the dead man to his grave.

In King Street he came in sight of the cart once more, nearer this time. The man walking behind it with his hat in his hand had red curling hair, and walked with a curtsying gait, giving at the knees and turning out his toes. No doubt he made his living as mourner at funerals to which no other mourners came.

Now look on the face of this mourner, and say if there be not here such an image as the water reflects from the overhanging bush. In verity, I could believe it was the sorrowing eye and bereaved look of the mother herself!" "Grief hath struck its blow heavily on this unoffending victim," uttered Meek, with great and subdued softness in his manner.

Hawkins left in his will that he was to be buried in the grave with his father. As there are no relations at all, Jonathan will have to be chief mourner. I shall try to run over to see you, dearest, if only for a few minutes. Forgive me for troubling you. With all blessings, "Your loving "Mina Harker" 20 September. Only resolution and habit can let me make an entry tonight.

A sudden hectic flush mantled its paleness. I could perceive a nervous muscular movement about his mouth, and he slightly started when I spoke. "Edgerton," I said, with tones of good-humored reproach, "there's no finding you now-a-days. You have the invisible cap. What do you do with yourself? As for law, that seems destined to be a mourner so far as you are concerned.

'Tis pleasure to the mourner, 'Tis freedom to the thrall; The pilgrimage of many, And the resting place of all, Is woman's love. 'Tis the gem of beauty's birth, It competes with joys above; What were angels upon earth If without woman's love? A woman's love.

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