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"My lady's house," said Steadfast under his breath. "Wherefore not? Is it not written 'Goodly houses that ye builded not. Thou must hear worthy Corporal Hold-the-Faith expound the matter, my brother." They crossed the ferry and reached the outposts at last, and Stead was much startled when the barrel of a musquet gleamed in the moonlight, and a gruff voice said "Stand."

Nothing but the point of her poop remained, and there stood the stern and steadfast Don, cap-a-pie in his glistening black armor, immovable as a man of iron, while over him the flag, which claimed the empire of both worlds, flaunted its gold aloft and upwards in the glare of the tropic noon.

In steadfast resistance to the public enemy under whatever name, in unshaken fidelity towards their native country and their hereditary government, and in persevering courage amidst the severest trials, no nation in ancient history bears so close a resemblance to the Roman people as the Macedonians; and the almost miraculous regeneration of the state after the Gallic invasion redounds to the imperishable honour of its leaders and of the people whom they led.

I am Steadfast Kenton, and I am from Elmwood, but we have no prayers nor sermon there since they took the parson away." "Ah! good Master Holworth! Alas! my child, I fear you will scarce see him back again till the King be in London once more, which Heaven grant. And, meantime, Sir George Elmwood being patron, none can be intruded into his room.

28: In this day, those holy souls are divinely ... In this day, those holy souls are divinely confirmed who stand firm in the most sacred Cause of the Abhá Beauty, those who are steadfast, and loyal to the Covenant and Testament of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá. Praised be the undying glory of God that you and all His friends have attained this greatest of gifts.

Steadman blenched under Lord Hartfield's steadfast look a look which questioned more searchingly than his words. 'Forty years, she repeated, with a faint laugh. 'Oh, dear no, sir, not a quarter as long.

It would be some time before the boats would return with the news, and Pisani went ashore, and, with the doge, moved among the men, exhorting them to be steadfast, above all things not to give way to panic, should the newcomers prove to be enemies. "If all is done in order," he said, "they cannot interfere with our retreat to Venice.

It has been my steadfast object ever since I became an outcast; I've schemed and cheated to gain it, besides risking my life often in desolate muskegs and the arctic frost. Now, I ask you to make it possible and you cannot refuse." Challoner was silent for a minute or two, while Clarke smoked impassively.

The upper floor of the Pernhart's house was given up to his Eminence Cardinal Branda, the most steadfast friend at Rome of Master Ulman's brother the bishop. His Holiness the Pope had sent that right-reverend prelate as his legate to the assembly, and he presently celebrated mass with great dignity in the presence of their Majesties and of the assembled lords and princes.

She knew of many of his journeys, undertaken at the peril of his life, in the service of the Prince and his native land, and awaited their result with a throbbing heart. More than once in those days, the thought had entered her mind that it would be delightful to be borne through life in the strong arms of this steadfast man.

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