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Do you know that the Lord High Chamberlain, which is an office hereditary in the family of the Dukes of Ancaster, dresses the king for his coronation, and receives for his trouble forty yards of crimson velvet, besides the bed on which the king has slept; and that the Usher of the Black Rod is his deputy?

The Lord was Honourable, Right Honourable; his acts, his words virtually constituted the code of honour whereby the nation lived. In a new world, beyond the ocean, there grew up a new race, a scion of England, which shaped its life without regard to the principle of hereditary lordship; and in course of time this triumphant Republic began to shake the ideals of the Motherland.

"Now, Barnabas" remonstrated his father, rasping his chin harder than ever "wherefore argufy if you do go for to argufy " "We come back to the silk purses and the sows' ears," added Natty Bell. "And I believe," said Barnabas, frowning down at the empty hearth, "I'm sure, that gentility rests not so much on birth as upon hereditary instinct."

This officer was to be joined on his route by ten thousand Bashkirs, and pretty nearly the same amount of Kirghises both hereditary enemies of the Kalmucks both exasperated to a point of madness by the bloody trophies which Oubacha and Momotbacha had, in late years, won from such of their compatriots as served under the Sultan.

It is only as the temporary representatives and servants of the people that we meet here, we bring no hereditary status or gift of infallibility, and none follows us from this place. Like President Washington, like the more fortunate of his successors, I look forward to the status of private citizen with gladness and gratitude.

It is brought on by scrofula, by fevers, by violent colds, and by various other causes; and there is often, no doubt, a hereditary tendency to it in families connected by blood". If this is the effect of the loss of one of the senses upon the bodily health, keeping in view the principle already stated, we shall naturally enough be led to inquire what the influence is upon the health of the mind.

This habit I soon broke him of, by chastising him with the remnants of the worried article, when there were any left of substance sufficient to weave into a scourge; nor did he ever recur to it when grown up, except once, evidencing upon that occasion a remarkable instance of hereditary instinct.

We have just begun to shake off the yoke of the capitalists and now are we expected to put the cultured in command? This is pure reaction!" Softly! If this is a case of misunderstanding, we shall clear it up. If any scruples still remain, we shall consider them further. Let us take the misunderstanding first. It is apparently forgotten that capitalism ruled by hereditary power.

Queen Anne's case and William IV.'s case prove that neither object is certainly attained by entrusting this critical and extreme force to the chance idiosyncrasies and habitual mediocrity of an hereditary sovereign. It may be asked why I argue at such length a question in appearance so removed from practice, and in one point of view so irrelevant to my subject.

It is, of course, obvious that diseases which tend quickly to destroy the life of the patient, especially those which kill or seriously cripple him before he has reached the age of reproduction, or prevent his long surviving that epoch, will not, for mechanical reasons, become hereditary. The Black Death, or the cholera, for instance, could not "run in a family."

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