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Many elaborate statistics on this subject have been gathered by men of ability. Dr. Meyer of Berlin quotes the following: 28 at 50 years of age, 3 at 57 years of age, 18 " 51 " " " 3 " 58 " " " 18 " 52 " " " 1 " 59 " " " 11 " 53 " " " 4 " 60 " " " 13 " 54 " " " 4 " 62 " " " 5 " 55 " " " 3 " 63 " " " 4 " 56 " " " These statistics were from examination of 6000 cases of menstruating women.

In a following page he cites observations made by Bugeaud, under the parallel of 58 degrees N. L., between the months of November and June, during most of which time, of course, vegetable life was in its deepest lethargy.

"This proposal was negatived by 58 to 47. "This small majority was gained by a characteristic maneuver. The queen's name was gravely dragged in as disapproving the proposal, when, in fact, it could never have been submitted to her, or her comment, if any, must have been in writing; and as to the general question, she has never said a public word against medical women.

He would promise a permanent advertisement, and he even promised illustrations, in the form of blocks already engraved and occasionally used by the "Argus," of the flourishing shops at 33, 34, 35 High Street, and 58, 59 Zion Street. He had also some blocks of gigantic hams most hammily pictured, which might also be of use, and he would also be able to bring in a number of his fellow tradesmen.

YEAR BOAT TIME 1844 J. M. White 3 d. 23 h. 9 m. 1849 Missouri 4 d. 19 h. 1889 Dexter 4 d. 9 h. 1870 Natchez 8 d. 21 h. 58 m. 1870 R. E. Lee 3 d. 18 h. 14 m. The steamboat now extended its service to the West and North. The ancient fur trade with the Indians of the upper Mississippi, the Missouri, and the Arkansas, had its headquarters at St.

Wind South-East to South-South-East; course South 58 degrees West; distance 57 miles; latitude 2 degrees 46 minutes North, longitude 27 degrees 11 minutes West; at noon, Bonavista South-East point, North 21 degrees East, 281 leagues. Saturday, 22nd. Moderate breezes and fine, pleasant weather. Variation 3 degrees 17 minutes West.

Secondly, And the more actively you must go about the business. “Be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord,” 1 Cor. xv. 58. What greater motive to action than to know that you shall prosper in it? “Arise therefore, and be doing.”

King on a square foot of surface, calculated to yield per acre 14.58 tons. The thickness of the layer of mould, which castings ejected during a year would form if uniformly spread out.

He has got a pocket edition of a machine-gun made of tempered steel and weighing only 27 lb., as against our old one, which is of gun-metal and weighs 58 lb. a material difference when it is a question of an advance. The new one, he explains somewhat illogically, with paternal pride, can be carried into action "like a baby."

The first place at which Captain Cook landed, after his departure from Nootka Sound, was at an island, of eleven or twelve leagues in length, the south-west point of which lies in the latitude of 59 49' north, and the longitude of 216 58' east.

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